saving tomato seeds

Helen shows us how simple it is to save tomato seeds.

7 Responses to “saving tomato seeds”

  1. if it does not mold you can add a little yest to the water, it will east the gel around the seeds. then wash it good just like you would do with mold

  2. Verry good presentation .

  3. CrystalOrganicFarm Reply July 25, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    - Did you leave it out at room temp.? It may also take a bit longer. It is important because it is the mold that separates the seed from its protective layer. That’s what we think anyway. : ) We don’t think you can just wash the seeds and have them viable without the mold stage first.

  4. what if it doesn’t mold after a couple of days?

  5. Great video, doing it that way also helps kill soil borne diseases that might be on the seeds.

  6. you made it easy thanks

  7. Great video on seed saving. Love Helen’s technique. Very interesting about the role the mold plays.