Seed Dispersal

Examples of how seeds move.

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  1. hello mriss nor

  2. Amazing creations of God!

  3. It is from David Attenborough BBC series The Private Life of Plants.

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  5. I once found a seed called rapeseed.

  6. 4:25 =ultimate water gun

  7. can so tell me the title of the film this is taken from?

  8. Thanks for the video.

  9. boil the dandelion root an u get coffee like tea and its yummy an better 4 ur tummy u can eat the leaves of the young plant too. popotan

  10. woot woot!

  11. thank you!

  12. That was amazing.I loved everything.

  13. thx alit my teacher showed me n my clas this n we fell if our chair wen rino had a crap n wen da plant squirted da white stuf out xD thumbs up if ur teacher showd u dis n wat wa ur teachers name xD mines mrs willcox

  14. 9:10, Please warn me before!! WTF

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    Thanks my teacher showed me this video to help us with our guid study workbook and it really helped. Also my whole class loved the vid especially when the rhino started to “disperse the seed.”

  16. thx


  17. Thx for this my class keep watching it!!! this really helps my homework yhx

  18. david attenboroh <3

  19. watch at this point. its really funny 9:10

  20. this would be really helpful. thanks a lot! :D 

  21. Ha ha ha this vedio is so funny lol are whole class saw it they thought it was so gross

  22. At 1:45 – The most amazing seed, from the Liana in Borneo
    It’s a : Alsomitra macrocarpa (latinum, for those not familiar with the naming of plants)

    Knowing botany and seeds, it took me a while still to figure this one out. Not even Wikipedia offeres it’s name in their otherwise comprehensive and detailed description of this series. But hope you can use the info :D

  23. What a video! This is a nice example of how seeds move.Any one will understand it

  24. He has been knighted.