Seed Packets cost too much? Save Money by buying Garden Seeds in Bulk

John from goes on a field trip to a local feed store to share with you how you can save some money by purchasing fruit and …

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  1. I live in PA, I’ve never seen seeds for sale like that. Not even at out farm stores, Tractor Supply, Ace Hardware. Do you know of anywhere in PA to buy seeds like that?

  2. Hello bigd1971 – when you don’t have time to read through a long list of video names you can use the search feature on that channel. For example you can go to growingyourgreens youtube page, go to John’s uploaded videos, then search using the words seed save or seed saving. This will work on anyone’s channel as long as they are smart enough to entitle their videos using logical keywords. Hope this helps.;)

  3. All your beans and peas that you can buy in the bulk bins of the grocery store work too. Same with seeds from ripe fruits you buy.

    And cilantro can be bought as “coriander seed” at any dollar store.

    Also, if you buy green onions that have good roots they will grow into big onions if you plant them! :)

  4. Can you harvest squash seeds from organic squash from the store?

  5. Patricia Valdez Reply May 30, 2013 at 2:06 am

    Love that sign, too. Where can I get one?

  6. what state are you in? I am in los angeles , ca. No such store here. Great video though.

  7. Yes it’s exciting to see what will grow. I made the classic mistake though of not reading all the packets when I was buying them, and ended up with a couple of packets of roasted and salted sunflower, and pumpkin seeds. Tasted nice though, ha ha ha!!!!!!……

  8. Cilantro seeds are also called coriander, a spice. Good stuff

  9. I will chk out out co-op tomorrow maybe they have bulk seed:) Thanks!

  10. WOW!! So much diversity of seeds and stuff at the garden centers,…here,…seems most people have adapted to buyin’ their food in the supermarket or local open-air markets!=P Think i’ll up north on a shoppin’ spree.= )

  11. Christopher Guerra Reply May 30, 2013 at 4:28 am

    Hey is that The Western Feed Store in Santa Rosa California? If so EPIC I shop there

  12. Homestead Acres Reply May 30, 2013 at 5:17 am

    Great vid John! I just loved that sign to. :-)
    Our feed stores, called CO-OP’s here in Canada sell bulk seeds to. The one I shop at only had bulk peas, beans, onions, and corn by the pound. But they did have larger bulk packages that are cheep to buy.
    It’s also good to ask them, because they can often order you seeds they don’t have on display. Especially ground cover plants like buckwheat.

  13. @SleepIsMagic they will be there, dandelion, plantain and such -even bigger things like Buddleja will be there somewhere …

    guerilla garden = very cool indeed, brightens up otherwise dreary areas , heck even some places the council supports it and donates toward..with materials or left over plants and such …..get in touch with your local peoples at the council department ‘n …green that place up

  14. Some seeds, like coriander seed , will grow cilantro…you can get a huge pack in the spice aisle for a dollar or less, usually. Some Asian markets sell bulk packs of basil seeds (they make a delicious drink with them), most beans will come up, and they are usually bush types as they are machine harvested (But I don’t guarantee this! :) ) Any seeds marketed for ‘sprouting’ you can grow to full size if you want. I’m always messing with these kinds of things, too, just to see. :)

  15. I went to a farm store when I was out of state last year and they had big plastic shoe box type things with POUNDS of seeds in each. There were many varieties, and I went absolutely NUTS buying seeds. They had different sized scoops, small, medium and large, and you could get a full scoop or part of a scoop. They sold the seeds by the pound, so, I ended up getting a big scoop of seeds for next to nothing…literally 18 cents, 23 cents, 62 cents, etc… for WAY more seeds than a packet.

  16. ….i grew corn two years that had pink dust on it… the guy that sold me the seeds told me not to eat it and that it was poisonos dont touch the seed without gloves…

  17. Oh, I see. What about the dye?

  18. @SleepIsMagic people do , ever heard o ‘guerilla gardening’
    - people planting up unused areas of land in cities etc.

  19. Thanks. I forgot I could use tags to search through just your videos. Big help, I really appreciate your response.

  20. growingyourgreens Reply May 30, 2013 at 9:47 am

    Yes! I do save some of my seeds. I encourage EVERYONE to save some of their seeds. I do have many videos on saving different kinds of seeds. Seach my videos. It’s really easy to save many kinds of seeds.

  21. TheUrbanOutdoors Reply May 30, 2013 at 10:08 am

    cool info

  22. i dont eat cow

  23. Michele Goodsell Reply May 30, 2013 at 11:37 am

    wow thats neat that they sell them in bulk. we, as far as I know,dont sell bulk seeds. I guess its because of where I live. Looks interesting.

  24. Love you John!

  25. So if you eat the cow you also eat the dye?