Seeds in the Garden (Beyond Her Garden Dub)

My redub of Glaze’s song, “Beyond Her Garden”, his channel is here: Art by Episkopi (aka AlphaRainbowDuck), DeviantArt page here: Download (with vocals): As requested, sans vocals: If you’re interested: Tumblr: Twitter:

25 Responses to “Seeds in the Garden (Beyond Her Garden Dub)”

  1. @Ptolem1s Seems legit.

  2. @FutaPie lol I’m not going to accept donations. I get uncomfortable when people buy me things or give things to me, and I haven’t done anything that merits payment

  3. You should really accept donations.

  4. biologicalhorror1991 Reply January 30, 2012 at 3:31 am

    @TheUlasht magic:the gathering bronies ftw!

  5. @TheUlasht I see what you did there.

  6. @ApolloBrony I prefer cake, but jellys cool too :)

  7. @gungirl23 I have two accounts. U jelly?

  8. At the beginning, it was amazing.
    It sounds like the music was coming from my damn KEYBOARD
    -blown away-
    This is an awesome remix.

  9. I swear, the more I listen to your stuff, the more I am impressed good sir.

  10. @hydrogendream it’s good, continue.

  11. yours is definitely my favorite, end im my eyes better than the original.

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  13. I’d favorite this but i’ve met the maxiumum number off favorites allowed :(

  14. @TheUlasht Magic brohoof!

  15. @TurbinationE eeyup.avi

  16. Ulasht, the Hate Seed?

  17. Unfortunately, I have no idea if this is any good, because I am unable to get past 1:23 without involuntarily switching to the original.

  18. @gungirl23 tyty <3

  19. @TheUlasht oh dear i look stupid now :P lol love your music btw, especailly shoot the messenger

  20. @gungirl23 Check the description

  21. @TheUlasht id like too see it without the vocals too :D

  22. Excellent. Another for my collection of excellent mixes of an already excellent song. This one’s easier to listen to than TheLivingTombstone’s mix or the one with him and Mic the Microphone, for the times I don’t feel like headbanging but just being chill.

    Also. People look at you funny when you spontaneously dance to stuff like this, and the looks get even stranger when you tell them what it is what you’re dancing to…

  23. @thomasw011 everyone has their opininon ;)

  24. JESUS. Instasub. this is friggin awesome, and probably *COUGHsuperiorCOUGH* to the original, in my opinion.

  25. So damn good.