Seeds in the Garden of My Mind – Channel Update 7-3-2014

A channel update about upcoming videos presented by way of a metaphor that I have been pondering lately, partly inspired by Carl Jung, where I think that sti…
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  1. Looking at everyone’s comments.
    I love seeing people from different walks of life come together and embrace
    ideas and philosophical outlooks on life. Make me feel good inside and

  2. I am so grateful for this video ER! I think I was was craving something
    like this, but didn’t realize it until I watched this video. I enjoyed this
    whole discussion, and I believe I have developed a small Carl Jung “seed”
    in my mind. I’m really looking forward to your future videos on his
    works/ideas! While this video is relaxing for me (chalk on a chalkboard is
    an ultimate trigger for me) it’s also really exciting. You did such a
    wonderful job describing and discussing this “garden” metaphor that I can’t
    help but want to learn more. Thank you very much for sharing this!

    Also, camping is amazing! it was nice to hear you enjoyed it so much!

  3. did your voice changed or it’s me ? o_O

  4. I am going to spread my seed everywhere!!!!!!!!!! Xd

  5. I was having this conversation about seeds with a friend last year. I spoke
    mostly of bad seeds planted in childhood which lay dormant for a bit, then
    get watered (usually by society) and it eventually becomes a whole weed
    garden. Lately I have been pulling weeds from my own garden. I understand
    this seed concept well. I first realized it when I learned something and
    then remembered it was a lesson my aunt tried to teach me when I was too
    young to grasp what she was saying. But that’s how it works, I think. Some
    seeds sprout much quicker and with greater ease than others. Then there are
    seeds that take a while. Usually the ones that I think take longest are
    when we try to impart wisdom on another person. It’s difficult for us to
    plant a seed in someone’s mind AND water it AND give it sun. So sometimes
    it works like this: You are ten years old and your father tells you to be
    careful of the sorts of women who don’t love you, but know you love them
    and try to use that so that you will do favors for them. That is a seed
    your father planted. You forget about it because you are ten. Then you are
    fifteen and you have a girlfriend and you break up and then you miss her
    and you want her back. You ask her if you can just hang out some time. She
    says maybe. You keep in touch, and then you find out that she wanted to go
    bowling with her friends but she doesn’t have a ride. So you offer her a
    ride. On some level you are thinking if you do this for her she might see
    how lovely you are and you can get her back. You never do get her back but
    you move on. That is the seed being watered. Then you are twenty and your
    little brother is going through what you went through when you were fifteen
    with that girl. And when it was happening to you, you did not recall your
    father’s words he said when you were ten. But seeing your little brother go
    through it, everything aligns. That is the sprout getting sun and blooming
    into a flower and now you are ready to spread some seeds of your own.

    (Just a note that was not meant to be offensive to girls/women I was using
    an example of what happened to my best friend.)

    The most recent seed planted in my garden was about how relationships are
    like mirrors of your biggest challenges. When I got to understanding it as
    truth, I stopped avoiding the “mirror” and took a good long look. Working
    on that made the mirror lift so that I could see the actual person behind
    it (and for him I imagine it was a two way mirror where he saw me yelling
    and thought it was at him because he could see me but really I was looking
    back at myself)

    Sorry for how long this ended up being. All this just to say, I feel you. I
    am interested in seeing more videos like this. The tingles were a plus but
    I was really in for the meat of it. Now I must go look into this highly
    sensitive thing because that sounds like me, I think.

  6. The dark background makes these videos perfect for watching in the dark
    I like the idea of gardening of the mind
    Looking forward to the future videos

    Personal question but were you ever hesitant of having kids for fear of
    passing on depression? I know there are many people out there with this
    fear, maybe you could talk about it in your parenting video.

  7. I wish you had more subs man. I try to spread the word.

  8. This made me pull out a piece of paper and do this, I even drew some weeds
    that I’m trying to kill because if I don’t then they could ruin my garden!
    I’m going to put it on my wall and look at it everyday, working even harder
    to grow my garden :) Thank you for this inspirational video!

  9. E.R you think too much

  10. Thanks for the new video, ER

  11. Wonderful and inspiring analogy! Made me wanna write down some of my own
    ideas I had when watching this.

  12. Are one of your ears bigger than the other?

  13. It seems like Rift world grew into something unstoppable, but will you ever
    address the initial hints at all the characters that the face sketch artist
    had. Or bring back the asmr test character, even though he has a similar
    outfit and mannerisms to Margret?

  14. Very good video as always Mr. Rift. I can not fault you.

  15. Ohw! I love the sound of the chalk on blackboard :) 

  16. Jungian psychology is always really interesting to read about and
    contemplate on. Without his work, there would be little basis for modern
    psychonauts like McKenna and others.

  17. I wonder if we’ll ever have like a Storytime with uncle E. Where he reads
    us some Lovecraft :D 

  18. “Look at the sun, look at the earth, look at the cells…..look


  19. Marik D. Hammerhead Blue Reply October 18, 2014 at 4:29 am

    Here is my garden , most of the time i don´t let all the seeds grow out to
    real projects, then i feel like this, as if my head would explode and the
    plants just pop out of it on there own.

  20. Very good video but can you pls whisper insteard of this tone pls?It’s much
    more relaxing when you whisper.

  21. Can we just appreciate the suggested videos? :D 

  22. just curious if there is any where we can donate to you for these videos?

  23. A garden seems too limited to me when describing the human mind. I like to
    think it’s a universe of its own and we aren’t Gods of our universes,
    because there are things in our minds that we can’t control. With a limited
    amount of knowledge of almost any religion and/or mythology the only thing
    we are to our minds might be stewards or a type of butler. A universe is
    vast and anything can happen in one. When gardens are, honestly, boring and
    not as interesting. 

  24. Love the way you presented this. Can’t wait to see all the videos!