Self Watering Container & Planting Lima Beans — April 2011 – Vegetable Garden Setting up a self watering container for your patio garden. Planting lima beans in the garden. Visit The Bayou Gar…

25 Responses to “Self Watering Container & Planting Lima Beans — April 2011 – Vegetable Garden”

  1. Yes I’ve seen those and looks like a good idea. With all my aches and pains
    I’m certainly in the “Old People” category. : ) …..Donald

  2. Wow– You are a natural-born teacher. Thanks

  3. @bnbob01 …A little planning and experimenting people can come up with
    some great ideas…..Donald

  4. @Rotorzilla … Let us know how it works out for you…..Donald

  5. carrottop8311987 Reply May 2, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    ur watering tank is leaking. liquid fertilizer is great.

  6. that’s what I was thinking but I was not sure thanks, Dickey

  7. Hey Donald,I think I got them in order now.Its hard being 63 .LOL. See Ya.

  8. @tastycajun0381 …Thanks……Donald

  9. Now if I could only get a bucket big enough to plant my whole garden in. :)

  10. Love the way you water your garden… You remind me of my grandpa. Thanks
    for another great video (as always), gonna head to the depot tomorrow to
    spend a little money… Thanks to you! ♥

  11. @gardenvespers777 …I’ve thought about it. Let me know how well yours
    works. lol……Donald

  12. Don, I loved the way you explained everything. About the Lima beans;
    doesn’t most of the water just drain down the soil? Would it be better to
    pre-soak the beans and sow it wrapped in some absorbent, bio-degradable

  13. I’ve made buckets using this exact design last year and they work great.
    They gave me lots of romas.

  14. @czyhrs …I tried one of the planters Jason sent and grew my green onions
    in it. Worked fine…..Donald

  15. Thank you for all of your time and videos. Hope to see many more for 2012,
    good health to you:)

  16. @ilsdmspjs …I’m not organic and will not hesitate using bug spray when
    needed. I would just hate to see all that work go down the drain. Sooooooo
    I’m really not the person to answer that question. lol….Donald

  17. @MadBadVoodo …Thanks…..Donald

  18. @JaxRL …I think it’s a great idea for those who want to grow in

  19. @VivaLasVeggies ..keep us updated……Donald

  20. @peacelovehippychick …Plenty room to play in……Donald

  21. @carrottop8311987 …Can’t play around got to fill it up and go before it
    all leaks out. One day I’m going to fix that. lol…….Donald

  22. VivaLasVeggies Reply May 3, 2014 at 7:00 am

    YAY! I finally started my garden and my youtube channel and couldnt wait to
    subscribe to your channel =) You are awesome!

  23. @marthale7 …I guess there would really be no limit to setting these

  24. Good to see some more “in the garden” videos from the king gardener
    Mr.Donald. I have a small contanier garden going at my apartment and a
    raised garden bed at my mama’s house and I can tell you the raised garden
    bed is sho not as easy as my container garden….lol Good luck in your
    growing season and Bless you and yours.

  25. Use to run a few lines when I was younger and mostly used cut bait. I don’t
    store water so can’t help much there. I think you’ll like that Cherokee
    Purple, good tomato. Glad things are working out for you…..Donald