September Field Trip – Growing a Vegetable Garden

Join us on the September Field Trip which includes spot watering vegetables to conserve water. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at
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25 Responses to “September Field Trip – Growing a Vegetable Garden”

  1. it looks´╗┐ like your tomato cages are constructed out of rerod

  2. @TheProgressiveguy … sounds like you’re doing everything right, I wouldn’t change a thing………Donald

  3. uh I grow small tomato plants and they are 10 feet tall. I have heard of them being 25 +

  4. They’re made of concrete wire cut in 6 ft. sections. Look for the video on making them “big tomato cages”………… Donald

  5. webcajun, it looks like your tomato cages are constructed out of rerod. can you send me a diagram or picture of your cages?

  6. Opps….. wrong account…….. Donald

  7. geronimocreekranch Reply November 3, 2011 at 8:32 am

    I call the method “keep it simple, less is more”. Why make something that’s so simple….. difficult? More people need to learn how to feed themselves, just in case……… Donald

  8. You and your garden are such an inspiration to all who watch your video’s. Thanks for teaching us the Cajun way.

  9. geronimocreekranch Reply November 3, 2011 at 9:23 am

    Hey Donnie … I do 99.9% of the work by myself. A couple of times a year I’ll get help from the family when breaking corn or digging potatoes / onions. It’s a one man operation. I do a little at a time until it’s done……… Donald

  10. yea hi Don, i just wanted to know how you mange to maintain such a large garden, do have anyone helping you i have a very small garden and if find that theres too much to do, well done Don, Donnie Brasco.

  11. Hey Naomi … Thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoy the vids…….. Donald

  12. Hi Donald…i just wanted to say that me and my 3 boys love watching your video’s…keep up the good work :-)
    Naomi x

  13. Nice to have you visit. We had some “not so good” weather this year too. In fact it’s been raining just about every day for the last two weeks. Grass and bugs are having a great time out there. LOL ……. Donald

  14. Ca va, merci, et vou? No, no we all love you and come to see what you have going on! Lucy is a darling though! I’ve been having some interesting “problems” in the garden this year (weird unpredictable weather). It’s NICE TO SEE your garden!

  15. The older one is Molly and the “Knot Head” puppy is Lucy……… Donald

  16. love the dog : )

  17. I actually planted the one in the video, it wasn’t an accident. LOL ………. Donald

  18. nope i was wrong!!! oh well…

  19. I just hit pause…Is it that little special place that just happened to have the fert..One seed feel out some how and had a huge plant in the middle of the driveway to your shop…I remember that video….ok now I get to see….if i am right….go web cajun…

  20. I like most of the fall garden vegetables so I plant a good bit. Lots of it is put up for the winter while still eating fresh out the garden. Being retired I have plenty time to play. LOL …….. Donald

  21. Great update Donald! I thought about planting a few things for this fall but I was pretty much worn out from my summer garden so I figured enough was enough, LOL.

  22. You’re welcome…… Donald

  23. No not really just a few pecan trees……… Donald

  24. Just curious, but do you grow any fruit trees? I want to start some this coming year so very interested in whats out there to learn =] Love all your videos there inspiring.

  25. Thanks for the vid :)