Seriously Cheap Raised beds

How to make Long lasting and cheap raised beds. Economical gardening. Common sense gardening. Visit my Amazon Tool-Box

25 Responses to “Seriously Cheap Raised beds”

  1. Treated wood, railroad ties? TOXIC!! Don’t do it.

  2. I will do just that My wife wants one because she has trouble bending… I
    will keep track and get back As I see it right now I have free wood from a
    retired neighbor and brand new 4×8 sheets of corrugated are roughly $13.00
    each and 3 will be needed for a 4×8 bed 4′ tall which puts the plant bases
    just above waste level now if I can find some free metal from a

  3. I have seen raised beds made from metal roofing but the seem way deeper
    than needed, almost no plants root that deep, seems the roots mostly fan
    out not down. Since you brought up the idea, give us a price of how much a
    4×8 bed would cost made from metal roofing.

  4. nailing corrugated metal inside the stakes will last who knows how long
    just set the post in a bag of concrete sheets new are 8′ long 4′ wide so a
    4′ deep raised bed will make a dandy compost bed too!!

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  7. maybe metal L brackets instead of the treated wood block? Just an idea.
    Since it’s not being screwed into too close to the edges, I think if you
    use the large L brackets it would work.

  8. Very nice. I used left over redwood from a construction job to knock
    together a small bed for potatoes. Works great! Hope you’ll take a look

  9. Carlota Chmielewski Reply November 19, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    Used to be, tires also were manufactured with something toxic in the
    rubber, but not any more. A modern car or tractor tire is fine to use as

  10. Thanks for sharing, great video…

  11. Are Pressure Treated Woods Safe in Garden Beds? Here is a great write-up on
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  12. Giving this a shot. I was just quoted out for two sheets of 20g galvanized
    cut into 4×1′ strips. two strips end to end will make 6′ diameter beds, and
    I will get 4 beds. The cost including cutting will run me $160 all in for 4
    beds. They said they would throw in the fasteners at no cost. Any ideas how
    to cover the sharp edge?

  13. I’ve got a cinder block bed as can plant marigolds all around
    them if you want to cover the unsightliness of them or some other plant,
    small hedge, etc. I think they look ok, though. I stacked mine 2 blks high
    for around 40 bucks. They will never rot and if you move you can take them
    with you. My only complaint, is they are heavy for me now that I’ve had
    back surgery. And yup you can plant things in the holes. They also have
    those little flat blocks now, too.

  14. Thank you for this tip! My husband and I built 3 of these over the last 2
    weekends! fast and cheap, that’s soooo much! :)

  15. The work aspect of all these boxes out there fair to substantial. You want
    cheap & no work, go to a local sheet metal shop & ask for a 20 gauge sheet
    of galvanized sheet metal shear cut 4 pieces 10′ long by 12″ wide , take it
    home, lay it end to end , put a bunch of tech screws in it, ether make 1
    big round planter like 13′ in diameter or 2- 6 footers and put the dirt in
    it, no braces no hammering , no stakes, no trouble, round needs no brace,

  16. I made 2 4×4 raised beds that cost me a total of $40 ea, that includes the
    boards, latches on the inside and outside, and soil. For the bottom, I put
    down cardboard to keep the grass from growing. Next time, instead of paying
    $2.79 ea for the boards, I’m going to use Cedar. Cost 1x6x16 cost $13.95,
    which can be cut to a 4×4.

  17. Concrete contains cement, F-ash, C-ash, and about a half dozen chemicals
    and additives. I know. I made it. That said, making a raised bed out of it
    or treated lumber is fine. Neither is probably going to kill you. *I am not
    an expert nor is this legal advice. LOL

  18. i hear a cock in the back ground lmao !

  19. like that idea too, lots of that lumber around us so being able to use it
    and have it hold up for a least a few years is fine with me

  20. I have one box out of cedar… 1×10 boards I guess, it started rotting
    fairly quick. Oddly enough I used OSB scraps (painted) for the ends on a
    box and I have gotten 4 or 5 years out of that.

  21. it’s completely rotten below the soil line .. but I can’t complain , 8
    years with yellow pine. I was thinking 5 years at best.

  22. Alicia, if you can avoid stepping on or prying against those sides,(when
    cultivating the soil) they will last a long time, good luck.

  23. YEah now is a good time to get those raised beds made up, let me know how
    yours come out.

  24. love my cinder block garden plus i dug down 2 ft first garden is thriving
    and producing and cinder can be painted real nice with special paint

  25. Nice video. I wouldn’t use railroad ties becasue of the chemicals in them.
    Best wishes.