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  1. Daniels Island Prepping and Homesteading Reply September 25, 2014 at 7:47 pm
  2. Got some skills Dave , awesome .

  3. his shirt uses to be white

  4. “bounce without break’n” ya… gnome zane?

  5. Exceptional strategy with earth berms and heat inlet. Actually, I’ve never
    heard of this raised beds before. I’m not all-out survivalist, but I am a
    man who spends time to learn how to survive. I have not taken formal
    classes, though. 

  6. Marcos Ronald Roman Gonçalves Reply September 26, 2014 at 12:40 am

    *Shelter Basics Raised Beds 1*

  7. Kullcraven Bushcraft Reply September 26, 2014 at 1:37 am

    Hello Dave i have two bow saws and have my fiskar retractable saw, and find
    it works better. Because i find that the bow saws bind way too much. Tho
    maybe i’ll give them another try. I have some very good ones and they still
    bind.Tho they do have a longer saw surface, so makes sense.Great vid as
    always bro.

  8. Steeler Nation!!!!!

  9. thank you Dave. I always enjoy learning more from you.

  10. thank you for your just got another subscriber and i just have
    left your store purchased some #36 bankline and a new sail needle

  11. CanadianSheepdoggie Reply September 26, 2014 at 2:06 am

    I just got a Northwest Woodsman folding buck saw in the mail last week. In
    the Canadian bush in the winter you need 3 tools. 1) A good 6″+ knife 2) An
    axe & 3) a buck/bow saw. I’m in love with this buck saw. I used it to clear
    some brush on my Grandpa’s farm on the weekend and it’s a dream. My Bacho
    is good too but in the winter I want a proper buck saw. This will fit in
    almost any kit. It’s a nice improvement on carrying the metal bow saw frame.

  12. very interesting video series ! im very intrigued in this bed, after waking
    up with a ratter in my cover in Arizona< this bed is awesome to me, but he
    can crawl up no prob as well haha

  13. Hi Dave, Loving this basic series, remind and revise most of us learn
    through repetition I’m talking with Chris Caine about coming out to the
    U.S.A hope we can meet up be safe Blessings. Roach

  14. Does the old cowboy rope trick really keep snakes away?

  15. i noticed you don’t emphasize a Leave No Trace mentality when going out in

  16. Woooop wooop troy is the man!! Pittsburgh baby!!! I just wish he was aloud
    to hit still but still 1 of the best players ever I thank god It was my era
    so blessed to be able to say man I seen him leap over every1 b4 they knew
    what hit them lol & I love your vids man you are 1 of the best @ this great

  17. Iris is not only beautiful she is smart she’s a steeler fan & she picked
    you awesome life choices lol but I bought a 2 pack of drop clothes from
    home depot for 10 bux they wld lay right in that frame thanks for the great
    vids & Ill be @ the gathering & do you have any of the habilis trade knives
    in yet?

  18. get a good one man tent . a good ground roll and a good sleeping bag . good
    for all year round .quick to put up and take down and leave no sign at you
    were there .

  19. i love hammocks. but a space blanket and a wool blanket in there and your
    good to go!

  20. Thanks Dave … Mors Kochanski always comes to mind whenever I hear the
    terms “raised bed and big survival fires”. :)

  21. wildernessoutfitters Reply September 26, 2014 at 5:03 am

    It would melt from the fire-

  22. Thanks, D!!!!

  23. I bet that took a lot of time to build. Bow saw or buck saw has to be a
    must in the pack. I’d like to see a more permanent shelter built around
    that bed system with hand tools only. Great video though. I am enjoying
    this series. ( watched this last night and it died at about 6 min) so I
    thought this was part 1 of 2… uploading error??