Should I Plant Flowers & Herbs to Attract Bees to my Vegetable Garden and more Gardening Q&A

John from answers your organic gardening questions. In this episode John takes gardening questions from his viewers. In thi…
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  1. So I have some watermelon, and eversince I put them there the bees from the flower just alittle bit from there have been going to the watermelon and just sitting on the dirt what does that mean what are they doing?

  2. I typed “potato” into your search bar and got FORTY FIVE results and none of the titles seemingly said anything about potatoes. So your search function is pretty useless for finding specific episodes.

  3. I use fermented seaweed fertilizer on my plants… EPIC growth! You should try using it in different ways; as a mulch, fermented, in compost tea, etc.

  4. I feel slightly jilted :( Posted several questions and even messaged you only after having “searched” your channel for the answers. A hundred videos non-related to my questions are returned under any given querry. I’m new at this, starting a greenhouse this year… (the first one I started last year was destroyed in a storm — everything was grown well until then). Ughhh. Need my questions answered that can’t find by “googeling” or “searching”.

  5. I had bee balm, sunflowers, and edibles in my garden last year and the bees preferred the Blu Honeywort over everything else by far. They were pollinating by sunrise all the way until sundown every day, even when it was hardcore raining and storming, no exception. I encourage everybody to grow Blue Honeywort in their gardens.

  6. This can b way os screaning of garden try hingig 3 paklets together

  7. OMG!!! My walmart had the round raised bed on clearance for $5. I bought every one they had and was doing the Happy Dance in the parking lot.

  8. I love ur vids. And your great personality And love for gardening

  9. mitchel ashpaugh Reply August 6, 2013 at 3:06 am

    you can find the garden kits on the home depot sight if you search raised bed kits.

  10. hello Harry I was wondering if you could maybe answer a question about the wild flower seed mix. I live in Arizona and am curious if maybe i could grow the partial shade mix under my trampoline. the sun does somewhat shine through the fibers of the trampoline and am just wondering if the seed mix grows like mad! thanks

  11. I started planting flowers in my a couple of years ago and YES,what a big difference in the size of my crops. Home Depot,Lowes sells 3 different bags of wild flower seed mix.Flowers for partial shade,Flowers for full Sun,and Flowers that attract hummingbirds,and butterflies.Each bag is about $8.00,and boy do they work.Most people probably want flowers to grow in patterns so this wild seed mix is not a good idea .For me it is fine,I just want to attract pollinators.

  12. You have some amazing videos with great information!! I would like to try growing indoors. I’d like to try growing some salad greens during the winter here in Minnesota. Baby greens I suppose!

  13. I live smack on the ocean…you mean I should be grabbing that seaweed stuff for my garden?

  14. There are two good movies on honeybee issues…”Queen of the Sun” and “Vanishing of the Bees”.

  15. I watched a great documentary called Queen of the Bees, good info, but John you are way more informative =) Thanks for your videos =)

  16. Do you have any more of those garden beds for sale? I would like to buy some. I have looked high and low for these!!!

  17. John, Just found you and GrowingYourGreens yesterday. Took this afternoon off to watch. I’ve already learned more today about real world gardening than I have in the last nine month. THANK YOU!

    Last year I started Square Foot Gardening. Due to a slope, my beds are about 12″ tall. Watched the video on using wood chips & rock dust, etc. Can I use wood chips in the bottom of a square foot garden bed as an initial ground cover and filler so I don’t have to do a full foot of Mel’s type soil mix?

  18. Hey John, yet another great video.
    You mentioned cardboard as a possible garden container. I lined my garden pathways with cardboard which was covered with tree mulch. I’ve heard that cardboard can draw termites. Is there any truth to this?


  19. Financial Survivalist Reply August 6, 2013 at 7:43 am

    If this isn’t your real “job,” then what do you do for a living?

  20. John, Thank You for answering my question.  I will be growing more nasturiums this season.

  21. As for growing mediums and planters and such, my mom used to grow things in anything she could recycle, even old work boots worked for her. She didn’t have a lot of yard space, but wow could she maximize what she had!! Also last year I got a bit worried that my garden tiller wouldn’t work in time, so I planted tomatoes, peppers and cucumber straight into red clay soil, all I used was water from my aquarium as fertilizer, and I had a HUGE crop of veggies……plant the seeds, they will grow.

  22. great video. you know that you can find a small raised bed free. for instance the plastic from these diaper towels. i just saved one from our annerversary cake. we just have to use our imagination.

  23. Miami Gardens, FL it’s the store directly across the street from the Dolphins Stadium. The cross streets 199th Street and 27th Ave. HTH!

  24. - just let some of your veg go to flower/seed. Bok Choi is a good one… man the bees LOVE those little yellow flowers…

  25. TheMountainfarmer Reply August 6, 2013 at 11:02 am

    Sound advice!
    John, have you watched the Back to Eden video? If so, What is your opinion on that type of gardening?