Should I Use Horse Manure in My Vegetable Garden? and other Organic Gardening Q&A

John from answers your organic gardening questions. Help John to close caption his videos and get your questions answered w…

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  1. i have a video of GREEN JUICE (under my x1260 microscope) on my youtube
    video list. there are some Crystals Moving around it. I want someone to let
    me know more about these crystals in Green Juice. What are they ?

  2. I am experimenting with trench composting and plan to let the stable
    shaving (with manure) mixed with weeds and kitchen scraps compost in
    soil-covered trenches all winter in my garden. The part of the stable’s
    compost pile where I am digging from, the shavings are already partially
    composted, so I hope they can finish quickly. Stable compost probably is
    not the best option for everyone, but in my case it is free and close to
    home. A leaf/grass/veggie scrap blend may be what most prefer.

  3. I own 6 horses that are fed organically/naturally – what I do with mine in
    my garden is put a 3 to 5 inch layer at ground level – Then I use my guinea
    pig bedding that I have composted – Then I put 4 inches of Wood chips on
    top – I do this all in the fall. By spring my soil is teaming with worms
    that have composted my manure and filled the bed with beautiful castings.
    That’s the start of my beds – in the spring I do all the other stuff John
    does :)

  4. I am wondering about the wormers that my horse has to ingest every other
    month and how that breaks down or doesn’t for using manure in the compost,
    what say you John and fans?

  5. Oops I accidentally left an extra comma in my sentence , my bad .

  6. How about the enzymes in the horse manure ? I thought that’s what
    most,people use it for .

  7. We have a serious problem in England and I am sure you have it too, with a
    particular weed killer that remains active in crops, and passes through
    animals into the manure. Some allotments have been wiped out after using
    such manure, it also remains for up to 4 years.The weed killer is used in
    agriculture to kill broad leaved weeds in grassland but remains in the
    grass and passes through grazing animals. Aminopyralid and similar weed
    killers are the alleged cause. So always check your source..

  8. Thanks you John! Your channel has inspired me to start growing again! I put
    up (6) 4x4raised beds this past spring. I grew plants I’d never grown
    before. It was a great season and the sleeper hit….broccoli! My kids
    absolutely LOVED that we grew our OWN broccoli. They loved the taste better
    than the grocery store broccoli. I totally agree. THANK YOU for being so
    inspirational. I’m excited to grow and expand our garden next year.

  9. I used my horses manure this year in my garden,and everything grew awesome.

  10. Instead of using the “s” word! Thanks! Don’t mean to be prude. Just want to
    be able to watch these without having to censor. Thanks’

  11. John… I love your videos. And I even love the occasional pot joke now and
    then (hey, I went to college!!). But, I have young children who are just
    learning words. Would u mind saying “poop”

  12. Life Force Project Reply December 5, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    Thanks John! YOU ROCK !!

  13. We love the hat John :) – Pople Backyard Farm

  14. Glad to know you are into

  15. Michael Brian Petersen Reply December 6, 2013 at 1:03 am

    I`m glad you are doing stuff for the hearing impaired. My mom always said i
    never heard anything right as a child, Odd, my girlfriend said the same. so
    i guess i am hearing impaired. Plus i`m a male, and that alone makes me
    hearing impaired. Hay, keep up the great videos, we enjoy and eat up every
    word you say.

  16. We have miniature horses and I know what they’re eating and we rarely worm
    them, so I know when not to collect manure out of the paddocks. Combined
    with the pelletized stall bedding, and green sand, it heats up quickly and
    composts down pretty nicely. I may have a source for Azomite next year to
    add to it. Sweetest watermelons I’ve ever grown this year were fed with
    composted horse manure tea.

  17. Hi John — Thanks for mentioning the BOKASHI method of composting. I
    actually have a kit on order myself.. Cant wait to see your next video

  18. Good cow manure is pure gold and very natural. Wood forests are acidic and
    aren’t good environments for vegetables to grow in so the constant
    reference to forest ecology isn’t a good one when considering vegetable
    growing. Evolution has made some manures “nature’s fertilizer”.

  19. I will never put horse manure in my garden again. Even though it was
    composted, couldn’t smell anything, it put all sorts of terrible weeds in
    my yard and beds.

  20. I agree with John about the horse manure. Make sure before you introduce it
    into your garden that you compost it aside for a year. Sounds like an
    investment in time and space right? Well it is, but the benefit is
    tremendous. FYI, I put some supposed composted horse manure in my garden
    this year. Got a huge amount of hay grass growing in my garden. I had to do
    a lot of weeding, but it didn’t hurt the plants any.

  21. Another consideration between organic and heirloom seed: are they treated
    using any chemical, biological, or physical method to prevent disease?
    Organic seeds are clean seeds, no treatment of any kind. Heirloom seeds,
    while carrying the unaltered genetic material, may be treated to keep the
    seeds from carrying or spreading diseases.

  22. I got two truck loads of aged horse manure for free. By its self its okay
    but not great what was so cool was that it had thousands of red wigglers in
    it. I then continued to feed the worms veggie scraps, now thats pooptastic.
    My beds were full of worms but now they left the beds I guess for poopier
    pastures lol. I would not put fresh manure in my garden but I may get a
    pile going seperate to get those worms back.

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  24. Yes, that is the case with most poop! I have soooo many trees pop up from
    bird droppings too! Anyway, if it is composted properly,seeds should not be
    a problem. The best stuff for me is animal manure, yes, composted. :) ))

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