Simple Way to Protect Vegetables in Your Garden from Birds

John from shares with you his no-cost technique to prevent birds from eating his rare perennial purple tree collard seeds. …
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  1. I agree,John just says instead of putting your time and energy into a beautiful B.H.G lawn..put it in a garden instead…ya can’t eat grass…well I guess you can but boring…

  2. Hey they will fall right in the bag…instant gathering….

  3. Can’t the birds get them and in their dropping spread them all over??already fertilized???

  4. @4:05 your expression is so funny!

  5. Haha!

  6. In the future, warn a sister … My drink is all over my laptop LMAO!

  7. Did you move to Las Vegas? Or are you still in Sonoma too?

  8. We bag ouy guava due to the larva. I’f the fruit has larva all you can do is freeze them pick them out and cook the fruit very well into a fruit desert topping. Collards and okra are my fave to plant because they don’t seem to get attacked.

  9. I did not insult you. i expressed an opinion i feel is built on fact. but you are welcomed to disagree.

  10. Grow up. Don’t tell me what YOU think my beliefs are. You have no clue as to how I think, or feel. And another…don’t tell me to stop anything. You seem to be like a child throwing insults behind the “safety” of your little computer world.

  11. No we are not, i agree that some of the more greedy folks enchroach on the land by building nuke plans and by gold mining or what ever, but a common guy trying to survive like that bird dose. why is not that bird said to be encroaching? because like John he is not. Stop the philosophy that all humans are bad for your mother earth. Only guys like Obama, Bush and his capitalist/socialist friends can be said to encroach on our lives and planet..

  12. Thanks John. Great energy…Great info ! Thanks from Rio Gande,NJ. !



  15. when are you going to upload the video of your harvesting and drying your cocaine crop?

  16. just curious…where do you buy coconuts in bulk? The wild birds keep eating the seeds from my kale plants too, covering it up with a sock or nylon stockings works too.

  17. foil pie pans paired together by twos on a piece of twine between to stakes will also help keep birds from your tomatoes.

  18. Just hang a realistic looking owl in the area and you’ll be free of birds.

  19. lol like youre short on tree collards

  20. dude just get a dog.

  21. Im learning a lot with you. Thank You for all your videos.

  22. Wow,, 8 people ‘un-liked’ your vid?? I don’t get it.. Anyway,, thanks for the vids my friend. and again (quoting Ms. Yoly Curls from 10 hours ago..) I have been looking for the tree collard plant or seeds and no luck, where can i find it?

  23. Esther Ishmael-Oku Reply September 5, 2013 at 2:18 am

    I have a bird bath in my veggie garden that the Blue Jays & Sparrows use. They never attack my tomatoes or veggies. Sometimes I find they bury peanuts in my garden soil. Today, my husband killed a squirrel with a BB gun. It was making its way to my garden! Those bastards ate a tomato already!

  24. 10 mins just to put a bag on a tree.

  25. John i have been looking for the tree collard plant or seeds and no luck, where can i find it?