Single Stem Tomato String Support and Outside Trellis Details

When you’re growing tomatoes and pruning them to a single stem, you need a way to keep them growing vertically. The simplest way is to tie twine to a purlin …
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  1. LOL… I know how you feel !

  2. Yes, only during the day.

  3. Congrats. We are celebrating one day without rain here in Raleigh! ;) . Every season has its challenges for sure ,

  4. In a past video you stated you watered the tomatoes three times a day for 30 minutes. Is this only during daylight hours?

  5. LOL…. sounds like they are doing very well.

  6. My plant are heading to my upstairs neighbours!

  7. I still use the cages for ground planted tomatoes which are few, and also for DWC buckets. I have some 7′ plants in DWC buckets. I just add the strings on to the top and keep on going.

    I have just about given up on dirt farming. My soil is just too rocky, plus arthritus has set in pretty good on my hands and shoulders making it hard to work the soil.

  8. I have plenty of cages too. But having a trellis and strings is a much neater way to go.

  9. Get something with BT in it such as Thuricide or Dipel dust. That will take care of the worms.

  10. Worms in Cabbage… I forgot to tell you I took some pics of them if you want to see them. but I need a email address to send them.

  11. Hey, this string and trellis clip system is great. I have already used 100 clips and will soon order more. This time I will go for 1000 clips. I fill kind of stupid for investing so much in tomato cages over the years. I must have 100 or more of them laying around now. Thank you for pointing the way Bobby.

  12. Wow, that’s is too cool. ;)

  13. Como estas amigo MHP pregunta donde puedo compras los ganchos para tutu para mis plantas de tomate tu amigo Jose..

  14. What are the odds? I go to WalMart (only place I could find the buckets) and there’s a woman there buying a bunch of buckets. We got to talking and she also is building your version of the dutch bucket tomatoes. Thanks so much for sharing your vids and all your hard work!

  15. thanks so much -learned a lot to night

    Cathy *

  16. Seed to yield depends on variety. Look on the seed pack for the time of transplant to maturity, and add about 30days for seed to transplant.

  17. Thanks. Yes, I’ve heard of mittlieder. They call it poor man’s hydroponics. Instead of water, they generally use sand. For me, if I’m gonna do hydro, I want to use water. And if I’m growing in the ground, I want good soil. The method works for some people, but it’s not something that interests me.

  18. Yes sir thank you for your work on these videos God bless you for it. What is a Normal turn around time from seed to yield ??? Thanks again

  19. First off, thanks so much for the videos, I watch them all. Now, have you ever heard of Mittlieder gardening? I was wondering what you’re thoughts are on it….

  20. Thanks for your inspiration. I have designed an outdoor dutch bucket hydroponics system in Washington State based off of your ideas and I already have Tomatoes growing in May, as well as beans and cukes 4 inches long! I need to get a nice camera and take videos and post them on Youtube so you can see them! All my photos are presently on facebook :( Thanks again!

  21. I usually don’t have bug problems on tomatoes, with the exception of potato bugs. You can spray them with something organic like Spinosad.

  22. I prune everything up to the first cluster, then try to follow up the stem as the tomatoes are picked.

  23. Tomato Rollerhook Assembly…available at Growers Supply.

  24. Yes mam. I’ve had volunteer tomato plants, but I usually pull them up because I’m not quite sure what kind they are. I’ve had volunteer watermelon and cantaloupe do very well.

  25. I’ve never heard of it being down quite like that. Having some type of media would hold the moisture and allow you to cut back on the watering.