Start with Locally Grown Plant Starts for the Most Successful Vegetable Garden

John from goes on a field trip to his local farmers market in Santa Rosa, California to purchase some locally grown plant starts. In this episode, John will share if its best to start seeds or purchase plant starts. In addition, you will discover some delicious edible flowers and learn which varieties of fall / winter greens John prefers to grow and why.
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  1. haha way too much to eat, especially since i don’t find it to be palatable. but thank you! :)

  2. To get rid of mint, you have to eat it. Cut it all down constantly. Eat it daily. Then you might just reduce it.

  3. What a great resource you are! I just wish you were up here in Canada but still most of what you say applies.

  4. How can a brilliant gardener still be single……tell me it is not so!

  5. Please share the bombings in Gaza, 10 kids under the age of 10 have already died. #SaveGaza

  6. Agree. For this economy, one of my goal is to growing (rare, heirloom) seedlings and sell them online (or farmers market) besides what we need at home.
    Does anyone know of similar farmers’ market that sell organic plants like in this video? I live in SO CA in Chino Hills, close to Pomona and Ontario areas. However I did picked up some lettuce 6 plants for $1.99 from Cal Poly Pomona Farm Store with wonderfully great and cheapest plants grown by college students.

  7. Greenthumb Patriot Reply January 28, 2013 at 7:10 am

    check out my chem-trail video part 1. i am another gardener on you tube who has had enough with this BULLLLLSHITTTTTT! sorry for that, how i truly feel….

  8. Greenthumb Patriot Reply January 28, 2013 at 7:49 am

    check out my chem-trail video part 1. i am another gardener on you tube who has had enough with this BULLLLLSHITTTTTT! sorry for that, how i truly feel….

  9. Greenthumb Patriot Reply January 28, 2013 at 8:46 am


  10. Hi John. Glen’s plants all look so healthy. I wish you had asked him what his secret was? Think you said towards the end that he grows organically and doesn’t spray with chemicals. Wonder if he uses compost tea or worm castings? Please try and find out for me next time you visit the market if you can. Another great video. Thank you

  11. John, You mentioned in one of your videos how you could grow Jerusalem Artichokes by using ones from the local grocery store. Are there other plants you can grow from buying the fruit or vegetable as from the grocery store? Are the dried beans and legumes “dead” or can you plan them?

  12. Question I bought Sugar Apple seeds and I have heard they can be grown inside but my question is of grown inside will they fruit? I live in Georgia So Im not sure how well it will do outside once established.

  13. My pineapple sage is now growing pretty good. A tip for you guys: the leaves are not really usable in food, but you can boil them in milk to get milk with a nice pineapple touch.

  14. I can’t see any of the plants. I think you need a HD camera John.

  15. there’s a chemtrail in the background at 2:30

  16. John, is there any way you can get us some of those ginormous sunflower seeds? I keep looking for a huge seed for giant edible sunflower seeds, but having no luck so far. Can you please advise as to what I should be looking for?

  17. wow those are great prices! My local nursery cost way more, even the ones on sales cost more!


  18. You are such a self-sufficient, smart, & really neat person John.
    The woman who falls in love with you will be a very happy person!
    I hope you find her soon!!….Where is that cute little dog lately?

  19. how do you get rid of mint after it’s taken over?

  20. John, I have had pineapple sage growing now for 2 years, and it has never flowered. It’s a huge, vibrant, bushy plant. and was my first plant to break dormancy here in NC, but still no flowers.  Any idea what’s up?

  21. Wow! Thanks John & the knowledgeable commenter’s here! This is such awesome information on how to stay healthy (avoid pesticides) & save money. I would recommend distillation of your water as it is the #1 thing you take into your body with food. Do not let people fool you about mineral intake concerning natures process (steam distillation), as 97% of minerals come from FOOD not your water. A combination of fluoride/toxin free water & pesticide free food is the formula for a long & healthy life.

  22. I appreciate how you keep looking out for us, especially now that you are doing coupon codes. I bought the Sea 90 and I am trying that out right now alongside the Boogie Brew.

  23. ya i grow a lot of catnip i make tea out of it