Starting 2012 Garden from Seed

2012 Garden from Seeds. roma, rutgers, red cherry, super boy, better boy, sweet banana, cayenne, serrano, jalapeno, bell peppers, cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, collards, kale, spinach,
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  1. I have aunt ruby Germany green, Brandywine (sudith strain), gold medal, black from tula, green grape, isis candy and blondgopchen if you are interested in trying them out. I will be saving more seeds this year as well as a few rare varieties for baker creek heirloom. Just let me know as long as you use them i don’t mind shipping you some.

  2. Thanks for the comment orangecavi! I do plant heirloom tomatoes too, Check out my garden updates and you will see I have Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, Big Rainbow, and Roma, in the garden. I couldn’t agree with you more about heirloom vs hybrid, still variety is the spice of life and I do like some hybrids. Thanks again!

  3. quit buying hybrid tomatoes and grow some heirloom tomotoes. They taste way better and you can save the seeds , plus they have a rich history. I can send you some really good varietys to get started if you like.

  4. This year I used a similar tray to start my seeds, I worker out great till I had to get the seedlings out to pot them out. I’m not very gentle and managed to cut some of the roots luckily I didn’t kill them all. Would love to see how you get your seedlings out of the seed starting : )

  5. Hey Redtopshop, it depends where you live. I would suggest planting your transplants outside after the last frost date in your area. Hope this helps!

  6. Help! I planted my starter seeds for lettuce in a starter container inside and they are sprouting. When do I transplant outside??

  7. Thanks Wally! You too.

  8. very nice. I like your mix simple yet effective, As like Jane I love getting dirty in the garden. I’m with you on those peat growing pellets, I had a bad experience with them I don’t particularly like them either. good luck with your garden this spring and take care Rhett.

  9. Thanks Jane! I always enjoy your videos too!

  10. MyInspiredCreation Reply May 11, 2012 at 8:33 am

    I love getting dirty in the garden, too. It’s so fun! Good luck with all the sprouting! Looking forward to the sprouting update! :)