Starting garden seeds and Pollination Demo!

Get your seeds off to a fantastic healthy strong start with a few minutes of SIMPLE advice! As a special treat we will go over the miracle of how babies are …

25 Responses to “Starting garden seeds and Pollination Demo!”

  1. Luffa! :) 

  2. I just love watching you..cute and so informative..

  3. Ray you dirty old man! ;-) Showing flower porn like that on youtube. My
    seedlings all wilted after seeing this video.

  4. Plant porn :) Lol! Just kidding ;) 

  5. Great video Ray, I really enjoy your teaching style and found this to be
    very informative! I hope you’re doing well and moving of your things is
    going ok. I wish I were close enough to help you! :) 

  6. Gardening With Puppies Reply February 8, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    You know something, Ray? Kids should watch your demonstration about how
    babies are made. I think it is a great way to introduce them to the facts
    of life. 

  7. The bees often don’t seem to like my zuke flowers, so, I pick the male
    flowers and pollinate the female flowers myself. After the plant sets some
    fruit, the bees are more interested. This has dramatically increased my
    ps. Barry White music in the background might help.

  8. You always make me laugh, Ray! 

  9. That was awesome Ray! I my favorite episode so far. BTW, thank you for
    the plastic cup idea, makes so much sense. My new way to start seeds. =)

  10. Romantic music…LOL!

  11. Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable Reply February 9, 2015 at 1:59 am

    As always Ray great episode ! I am looking forward to try the Boxcar willie
    in my garden ! :) 

  12. Hi..I was wondering if you could send me some of the seeds from your prax
    type? The ones on this video? I can pay you if you would like. I love the
    cherry tomatoes. I would LOVE to try those.

  13. Now I want a luffa vine! :-) 

  14. Great demo Ray!

  15. Can all perennial plants survive outside in the cold during the
    winter?strawberry plants can right?

  16. OMG hahaha this episode a smile on my face. made my day =D

  17. Luffa! Is that the word of the day?

    Great lesson!

  18. Snow Peas!!

  19. Great video. I didn’t know that the male comes out first, We learn
    something everyday.

  20. I always love the information you have to offer Ray. Great video, thank you
    again for sharing. I hope you have a terrific day ! Looking forward to your
    next video

  21. Haha u r too funny Ray! So, does Rascal get the smelling everything from
    you, or do you get it from him? Lol I do the same thing, my husband shakes
    his head at me all the time. I’ll be over there gagging & he’s like
    ”WHY!!” but I can’t help it, I gotta know how it smells

  22. THECHATTYCHATSTER# ME Reply February 9, 2015 at 8:30 am

    Rays left foot morse code still 

  23. haha – I love it!

  24. First sprouts and pollination

  25. Oops, red and blue light…