Starting My Garden From Scratch

Since I’ve been called out on not being able to eat from my balcony garden, I’ve decided to start it from scratch. To start, the plants that were left over from being harvested were pulled up from the roots. Using a trowel the soil in the containers was loosened up and turned. Any big clumps of roots were taken out as well. The plants, roots and soil were tossed into the compost bin. There is a total of 11 containers on my balcony. 10 self-watering containers and one regular container. For more information, please visit
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  1. Nice. That’s what’s up!

  2. I have a small indoor garden made in recycled 2 liter bottles. I just recently got them assembled and filled them with soil. In 3 of the containers (which are the sub-irrigation kind) I have put some green onions in them. I went to the store and bought some green onions and cut off the tops and left an inch or so with the roots and planted them and they are now 8 inches tall. Amazing!! My basil is growing too. The tallest is 3 inches I have some dill that just sprouted. I can’t wait to eat some!

  3. Will do. Thanks.

  4. what a great idea tho write whats growing on a rock. keep up the good work :)

  5. Nice. I love Chicago. Almost moved there a few years ago. How are your worms doing these days?

  6. very cool. I live in downtown Chicago and am lucky enough to have a 4′ by 16′ raised garden in a community garden. I am, however, new at gardening so will be watching your vids or hints. I first found you when I searched youtube for ways to keep my worms from escaping my compost bin. (I have a new WF360).

  7. I only get 4-6 hours of sunlight. Those crops haven’t done well.

  8. Why not grow more “typical” vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.?

  9. Thanks. Finally got around to labeling my isht.

  10. GettingThereGreen Reply July 19, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    looks good to me! and I like your rock labels. ~Amanda

  11. Word. Got a quick vid coming on them soon.

  12. That is what you BG is for to eat the fresh produce. I love the info rocks in the buckets Im going to steal (use) this. Great Video.

  13. I hear that, but my goal is to be able to eat from the balcony. Two meals in 10 months is far from that goal. More like a wake up call than being called out.

  14. You shouldn’t change everything just because of what some people called you out on. But hey, strong decision. I like it. I’m definitely going to be waiting for updates from you. Are you only planting lettuce and onions though? No cucumbers, carrots, any of that?

  15. Its time like these i wish i was in the country with a large land : )

  16. See what I mean. I kill stuff regularly.

  17. Nice. I most certainly will.

  18. Good idea..!!!

  19. An idea you might try with your chard…I have chard that is almost two years old. I practive cut and come again with the chard, and it has been producing through every season! As long as you continue to cut it, then let it grow, you will end up with monster plants with the most flavorful leaves you have ever tasted! Just an idea you might want to try.  Can’t wait to see the progress!

  20. Nice. How much longer you got?

  21. My neighbors would likely complain…

  22. Word. Nice catch. Have a post on them coming up.

  23. Can’t wait to see them grow !..soooo getting spring fever…great vid.

  24. You can always add a hanging garden

  25. I love the little rocks for your markers. Another good idea I’ll be ‘borrowing’ from you.