Starting Tomato Seeds EZ – Home Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden Starting tomatoes and other seeds the easy way. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at
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  1. i like this guy!

  2. @KoalasWhatNot … Glad it helped…….Donald

  3. this was actually really helpful. i just got into gardening and i actually got a school project on tomato growing so this really made things a lot easier for me. thanks

  4. good times :D

  5. @medicjimr … Hey Jim, you are going to like those Jiffy pots. Use a good commerical starter mix or make your own from compost and you’ll do just fine. Don’t water those seedlings too much, just keep the soil moist……Donald

  6. Donald these tips are so useful thanks for sharing your experiences. I just got some of those plastic trays and 3 ” Jiffy pots for next year. Figured before the prices go up like everything else. Happy gardening my friend . Jim

  7. @arocha129 …It depends on the soil temp but usually it’s up in 5-7 days. You can root a sucker and also a large branch. Got to keep em well watered every day…….Donald

  8. how long does it take for tomato seeds to sprout? and is it true that you could root a sucker and and make it grow?

  9. this town just aint big enough for the two of uss

  10. @ReddNeckerson …Glad they help……Donald

  11. Thank you for all your great tips!

  12. I like this guy.

  13. @webcajun yea not a lot but have it a little lol

  14. @regergekowns …I have an accent? LOL…….Donald

  15. lol your accent is epic :D

  16. Great vidio

  17. @kevingorrellsr …Hey Kevin, You can start your seedlings with MG starter mix if you don’t make your own compost. It’s all about not planting too deep and keeping the soil moist. Glad you enjoyed the video……..Donald

  18. Thank you for the great video.
    Your the kind of person I wish we lived closer to, and I met twenty years ago.
    I will use the information you shared next year.


  19. Indoor crawdad instructions pleeze, ooooowweeeee1 from Canada.

  20. @georgesorosisgay1 …Thanks and you’re welcome……Donald

  21. what a nice guy, great video thanks. very helpful & god bless

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  23. Dear Donald, the video lighting was very tomato friendly!!

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  25. Great videos, I definitely enjoy your stuff, keep it up and thanks again!