1. BackYardGardeningTip Reply May 12, 2012 at 12:18 am

    Great idea using a container to hold seeds and tweezers to pick them up. So much faster and easier that trying to get them from the pack without spilling them.

    I laugh when you used the butt end of a screwdriver to tamp down the seeds. I have been so delicate with my seeds, you’d think they were eggs. I’ll be giving this method a try as it’s about 7 times faster than what I do. Very helpful video and one I am sure to include in my article when I write one about starting tomatoes from seed.

  2. Thanks…..I used insecticidal soap to kill them! Great question about fertilizer and compost. Well, (my definitions) compost is decayed organic matter and fertilizers are made up of nitrogen, phosphorus and Potassium. To me, it’s hard to beat a good compost mixture!

  3. hey wondering how any body cud take the time to critize, i am grateful to ur videos want to kno what ever happen bout those squash bugs new gardenerwith apurpose wantin kno the diff from hay then straw??what is the diff from fertilizer and compost?/ please answer live in zone6

  4. Out of 32k+ viewers as of today, you’re the first that has a problem with the lack of info in the video……since this video lacks “vital” information, make your own video!

  5. I am slightly at a loss here. You have left out important information. You should state…your location, what time of year it is, your ambient temperature, light exposure, h2o and fertilizer. This information is vital to supporting plant life. Most viewers are basically watching you fill up a seed tray and placing in a greenhouse with plastic covering. You make good points but you dont give enough information. Gather all data prior to making a great video.

  6. Awesome video tutorial. Just exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

  7. Got my supplies for my potting mix and fertilizer mix!

  8. super nice guy

  9. I find that pre-moistening the soil works better for keeping the seeds at the right depth at the out-start.

  10. hank you very much for great video and useful :)

  11. good ideas.

  12. TheCeramicGoddess Reply May 12, 2012 at 5:43 am

    great instructions-Thanks!

  13. what do you do with all those plants?

  14. I find that a moistened pencil eraser (the ones that come on a pencil, not the big pink ones) works perfectly for picking up the seeds and ensuring correct planting depth.

  15. Some rude comments here & there so I see..
    Anyway, great vid:) I’m wanting to have a garden this spring and I just have no clue what to do so watching your vid is very helpful. Thank you for posting for us.

  16. These were purchased through our local Farmer’s “Co-op” and at the time, cost $1.59 each. You can use these trays several times, so that knocks the price down considerably. Any farm/garden supply will carry these or can order them for you or order them off the net or ebay. Thanks

  17. Thank you for your videos.  Could you tell me where I can purchase starter trays like what you are using in this video.

  18. i like your 128 cell tray where did you get it at and is it heavy duty or cheap plastic? thanks

  19. redneck

  20. I started the seeds in late February and would transplant in April, after the threat of frost has passed. Thanks

  21. what month do you start planting these seedlings?

  22. Thank you for your time! Great clear fast video.

  23. lets shake a leg there Goober while we’re still young.

  24. THANX :D

  25. I watered them lightly everyday….but as they grew, they required more water and had to start watering twice a day until they were transplanted.