Starting Vegetable Seeds Tomato How to plant from seed grow square foot garden planting

Planting seeds for the garden. This year I’m starting most of the Greens indoors in cups. Hopefully this will give them a better headstart and help me space …
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  1. As usual great ideas……I think the white dish must be as old as you are.

  2. i started germinating the seeds in mid march. i live in central north carolina, zone 7. thanks

  3. Great job, when do you start growing indoor? Month with the reference to which state you live in.

  4. man that vid…you’re very detailed. Great looking plants. I like how you cut the holes in the cups on the side vs the bottle like i do. Makes since the nutrients can pool on the bottom and get flushed by the next watering kinda like a dutch bucket. I’ll do that on the next round of tomatoes and peppers.

  5. Great looking plants how do you make them grow so nicely if you could tell me I would be pleased to know thank you.

  6. Just saw this video! I can’t believe you grow so well from seed. Share your secrets? Beyond these videos, lol!

  7. Okay, thank you :)

  8. id plant 3 seeds in each hole, then thin out to the best seedling once they germinate. I like to grow lettuce one plant spaced every 6-8 inches.

  9. Ohh i see, i already have romaine lettuce seeds but im a beginner on this, how many seeds should i put in a pot? Or is lettuce like tomatoes that one seed is enough?

  10. hi, yes my lettuce is started from seed. ive found lettuce to be one of the easiest greens to grow. its also one of the easiest to save seed from. When summer hits the plant will bolt and produce mature seed in a month or two.

  11. Do you grow your lettuces from seed?

  12. Omg! yay a knew video!

  13. thanks! yeah this commercial compost can have weird stuff in it. ive found chewed up pieces of soda cans, plastic bags, glass shards and parts of plastic bottles. but for the most part it seems a decent grow medium, and the price is right at $20 a truckload.

  14. Great looking plants. One of my pet peeves is all of the crap in commercial compost the sieve is a good idea.

  15. thanks!

  16. thanks! we’ve had a really cold spring here in NC, one of the coldest on record, but now its starting to warm up and the garden should start kicking soon. im really looking forward to some fresh veggies.

  17. hi, i tested out the tiny 5 oz paper cups and they worked ok for the greens. but the peppers and tomatoes looked a little stunted after a week in them. So i transplanted em into larger cups, peppers into 12oz and tomatoes in 18oz. After just a couple days they looked alot healthier and grew nice. thanks!

  18. hi, yeah the sprouts got stretchy right at the beginning. waiting just a day or two can make a big difference in the seedlings height, i need to rig up a tiny fan for inside the germination dome so the stems grow stronger. yep ive heard chicago got a lot of rain today, hopefully it’ll warm up soon. thanks.

  19. Nice setup you have there. :0)

  20. Omg. I was wondering when you’re gonna do a video!!! Your plant looked awesome !!

  21. Yeah! Yeah! Love your videos. I always learn great and simple methods from you. I see now I used too large of a cup for my greens.Thanks for the video.

  22. Some of the seedlings started a bit leggy, but looked great once you planted them out. :) Great looking plants. Sadly here in Chicago, the spring weather has been lacking. Cold, cold, cold and then we got hit by flooding today.