Summer Backyard Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Tour

John from takes you on a tour of his summer urban backyard garden and shares with you some of the edible vegetables he is g…
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25 Responses to “Summer Backyard Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Tour”

  1. Hi John really enjoy your videos! You have mentioned that you sell your
    seeds, where do I go to order them?

  2. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens Reply November 8, 2014 at 12:16 am
  3. I actually think, basically, that you actually said basically more than you
    basically said actually in this video…basically.

  4. Did you move from Norcal?

  5. john can you compost leaves with powdery mildew on them?or diseased leaves

  6. Hey John – doing the same thing in Phoenix! One problem – I have a killer
    compost pile – beautiful stuff going on there, but also BIG PROBLEM:
    scorpions! They’ve showed up to chow on all the insects the compost draws
    in. And now they’re showing up in the house!!! Because mother scorpions
    carry their babies on their backs, my concern is using this compost in
    other places in my yard and spreading the baby scorpions, which fall
    through the screening process, and the population is gonna explode! I don’t
    (won’t) use pesticides and diatomaceous earth gets washed away on a regular
    basis with wind and watering. I’ve been going out at night with a black
    light and “picking” all the ones I can see – but the babies don’t “glow” so
    I miss them all! I’m thinking of tearing everything out! Anything you or
    the readers can suggest?

  7. John I would love to have some of your walking onion seeds plz. how can I
    go about obtaining some? and thank you for your videos. I think you do an
    excellent job of producing them. I am envious of your garden. I hope one
    day I can grow as much as you do.

  8. i thought you were cool…then I saw your toe shoes!! Those make crocs look
    sexy. Sorry dude will have to unsub now bwaaa ha ha ha

  9. I’m learning sooo much from your videos!!! I just can’t wait to get my own
    garden one day!!! (I currently have four potatoes and three onions growing
    in my parents back yard. The onions are doing great but two of the potatoes
    are doing okay and the last two ehhh ;( let’s just hope they turn out

  10. Your goodies are going strong and the season around here is winding down.
    Gotta love a longer growing season. :) 

  11. Thanks john. Your videos are inspirational and I’ve learnt so much from u
    the past year. Keep up the good work!

  12. Coyote Tomatoes! Have never seen those

  13. For all the videos John makes promoting products, he will give us a
    lengthy, information packed video like this which is the real substance of
    his channel. Cool new plant varieties that we all should try. Thanks John
    you are great!

  14. Can the weather affect how your plants produce fruit I’m disappointed in my
    garden production this year and our summer been cooler than normal. 

  15. think i need to get my straws out and stuff seeds in there (sounds like a
    great idea).

  16. How do you stop powdery mildew from killing your broadleaf plants, once
    they’re infected? 

  17. Very enjoyable! Learning alot about so many varieties too. Thanks!

  18. Is there Water Rationing there in the desert?

  19. Love the knowledge and tips. Im in Wisconsin and dont have the problems you
    have with water etc (thank god) I just cant help when I watch your
    videos,seeing alot of money needed to get to that point,not to mention the
    water bills and delivery costs for products you use and having to buy soil
    etc. Would you say this type of gardening for that area is for more of the
    wealthy people or those with a very good income? 

  20. Imagine you are his neighbor..His enthusiasm would be so contagious and
    before you know it, vegetables invade Las Vegas.

  21. That is one awesome garden John!! 

  22. You’re right John, that was an exciting episode! This is my first year
    growing cucumbers and they did the same thing. They went all over and I
    have a lot of fruit from it. My tomatoes are splitting too. I read
    somewhere that it means they were on the vine too long.

  23. VeganMarcella andMore Reply November 8, 2014 at 8:33 am

    That was great, thank you!

  24. What bugs in your area do you have to deal with as it pertains to your
    plants that are in the cucurbits family. Do you deal with squash bugs, not
    stink bugs, but squash bugs? What about the squash vine borer, or the
    cucumber beetle?

  25. I would love to see you get involved with Aquaponics!