Summer Front Yard Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Tour

John from takes you on a tour of his front yard raised bed vegetable garden (and some of his backyard too!) In this episode…
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25 Responses to “Summer Front Yard Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Tour”

  1. Hey john , this is your 999th video , for the next video , do something
    special a 3 hour special would be good

  2. He needs meat he is a tiny little person he needs it at least once a week 

  3. do you eat the tomato leaves? contrary to popular belief, they are edible
    according to joseph simcox

  4. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens Reply November 10, 2014 at 4:09 am
  5. Why are you growing so much? It seems that a lot goes to waste.

  6. John, may I come over and purchase some of your produce?

  7. Hobby or way of life?

  8. great videos john, sometimes when showing your garden you say ca. and other
    times you say vegas. do you have a house in both places

  9. I’m a new, first time gardener. I am SO discouraged right now I’m not sure
    how to put my thoughts into words. I had everything on my front porch in
    containers. My plants were looking beautiful. The soil seemed perfect,
    and I had everything going as planned. I was happy. I was seeing great
    Then someone decided that they didn’t like the fact I was growing my own
    garden and decided to spray something on my plants…even my little cactus
    that I could let go for several months without water, which I had for 5
    years…and killed everything within 48 hours. Everything was dead. All
    that work. All that time. All my love and energy went into my garden…
    and someone killed it.
    I will NEVER, EVER grow my garden outdoors again. EVER. I love mankind,
    but individuals suck. My advice to those who live in apartments is to grow
    vertically indoors, or you stand the chance of total crop failure due to
    the stupidity and cruelty of people.

  10. can’t find that plant online (asha taba?) 23:58 

  11. He said uber-delicious. 

  12. your an expensive grower, u don’t need all that to grow successfully

  13. Awesome tour john! Your plants had my mouth watering for sure. I need to
    move your way!

  14. Impressive & inspirational garden, John. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Thanks for the tour John :) 

  16. Im buying a house just so I can grow like you John. Been in an apartment
    here in Vegas too long. Im Searching all over for the right place. Hope my
    garden looks like this someday.

  17. Yay… I finally found my “right” profile that I lost a few days ago. Hate
    it when this happens!

  18. Check out this video on YouTube:

  19. John your sun chokes are Fing Raging. wow…

  20. my peppers did fine in planters last summer. they were mostly mainstream
    peppers like jalapeño. 

  21. Truly wonderful video and message! You continue to inspire!

  22. Just for the other kiwi viewers, The warehouse is having a sale on most
    garden stuff atm =] most seeds are $1.50. just bought a mini albiet cheap
    greenhouse for $30 ish

  23. What a wonderful yield. I have been using the rock dust and worm castings
    and lately a mixture of highland forest and kitchen compost with leaf-mold.
    but I haven’t gotten anywhere near that yield. My gardner says its because
    the rain has been brutal this year. It just completely drowned my peppers
    and tomatoes.

  24. man that is some good eating :) hope someday i can achieve ur gardens
    bounty :) 

  25. when was this filmed because it seems this and your video about being
    married for your garden were filmed a long time ago.? where i am its not