Sunlight Supply Presents: A Cool Sun® is Born – Manufacturing Video

Sunlight Supply, Inc. See for yourself how a Sun System® Cool Sun Reflector® is fabricated and assembled in Woodland, Washington using US and globally sourced parts. See punching, part bending, riveting powder coating, assembly, testing and packaging. Completely sealed with neoprene gasket and hinged glass. Premium Quality And Superior Performance. About Sunlight Supply Founded in 1995, Sunlight Supply, Inc., is a Vancouver, WA based manufacturer and distributor of specialty gardening supplies. Our product offering of over 4000 different products include everything needed for indoor, hydroponic, organic and greenhouse gardening. We also distribute a wide variety of products for the outdoor gardener. Sunlight Supply is a wholesale only business, selling our products exclusively through our Authorized Dealer Partners. Our exclusive brands include Sun System brand grow lights, Sun Blaze T5 HO Fluorescent grow lights, Galaxy Digital Ballasts, Master Blaster 1500 watt Digital Ballasts, Adjust a Wings, Phresh Carbon Filters, Ultra Sun horticultural lamps, Eco Plus, Ideal Air, Titan Controls, Flame Defender Fire Extinguishers, Mother Earth, Gro Pro and many more. Sun System has become the #1 leading brand of grow lights for indoor and greenhouse gardening. Whether you are a hobbyist growing one orchid or a large commercial greenhouse, we have the experience and products you need. Whether you garden as a hobby or commercially, hydroponically or in soil

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25 Responses to “Sunlight Supply Presents: A Cool Sun® is Born – Manufacturing Video”

  1. You know what I think that more people would if they could. We need more of these places. Kick ass operation. I’d like to tour something like that. I mean potential vacation idea to tour that place. Road trip and all.

  2. Man plz what is the reflector made out of whats the name of this stuff. thnx for your time…

  3. checked your site. those Sun Tube 6″ Reflectors looks good.

  4. Quick question, I am in the UK and would like to wire multiple lights together either directly or through a plug. In your opinion is this safe/possible to do

  5. There is a category Electronic Ballasts on the company website. Can anyone tell what its for

  6. Wow. That was awesome! Makes we want to be a gardener.

  7. what about a double light fixture my white mustached friend

  8. Thank you for the vid. I am trying to get my impatiens, and chinese forget-me-not’s to seed, and they need light.

  9. Actually A flat white paint or matte would be the best, if you guys have ever researched growing or planting at all… Great vid, i will put this knowledge to use for sure!

  10. I gotta admit this is an ingenious idea! Very cool! :)

  11. haha yea its out here in ohio

  12. McgarrityStephaine Reply August 25, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    The background music is cool!!!!!!

  13. Is there any reason why you went so fast with the camera. I was truly interested in how you had the plants growing

  14. im pretty sure u can buy a lamp for around 30 bucks too but this is so creative=)

  15. great love it. i put in a vertical/high density garden this year. will definetely use these reflectors.thanks for some ideas.

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  17. Good video, good information, and great help 5/5 thanks

  18. MettilleDemetrius Reply August 25, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    I really enjoyed this video. thanks so much for posting it. please check out my video and give me some advice

  19. Thanks! I have been wanting one of these for years but knever knew exactly how to go about building one.

  20. they should reallythe expand there bussiness outside us

  21. Is it allowed in america to do this kind of installations themselves

  22. threewhitedaisies Reply August 25, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    sunlight supply is AWESOME!

  23. threewhitedaisies Reply August 25, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    wow, pretty cool to see that process … thanks for sharing sunlight supply!

  24. Made in the USA.

    god dam proud of that!!!!

  25. SUNLIGHT SUPPLY, a heartful of thanks for bringing such good items in the market. Thank you