Sweet Corn Lay By – May 2010 – Growing a Vegetable Garden

Applying the last of the fertilizer and bringing dirt up to the corn stalks. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at http:/…

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  1. Sir, What is that mighty fine tractor you are using? Actually I noticed the
    name one of your other post. I’d love to see a list of your components (for
    the laymen) for farming. I noticed the attachments in this video and some
    different ones in the Potato laying one. Wonder if you have a list of

  2. Thanks for the tip……Donald

  3. @rebeldawg2169 … compost tea is about as organic as I can get. Still need
    the bug spray and fertilizer with some crops….. Donald

  4. @Praxxus55712 …What are you doing here?! Back, back – - BACK i SAY!

  5. Thanks so much for your videos! I really enjoy them a lot…My garden did
    real well last year and I have found that keeping the cows out of the
    garden helps it do even better LOL! But any way got a Quick question- Are
    you broadcasting the fertilizer over the corn plants? If so how does it not
    burn them? I am not criticizing you or anything cause you do a great job
    and know what you are doing. Just wondering thanks! God Bless from South
    Carolina. -Steven-

  6. joie de vivre chere’

  7. Looking good Donald. Im wondering will that fertilizer work well for all
    garden plants? Our garden is just planted 2 weeks ago and we did not bring
    in any mixed soil so Im thinking I should fertilize it soon.? What would
    you recommend for basically starts ranging from not sprouted yet to corn
    about a foot tall. Thanks for another great video.

  8. good job on the corn my corn is about 14 inches high and we are to get some
    rain Monday so it will shoot up then. Have a good one.

  9. @moofph … nothing beats fresh vegetables right out the garden…….

  10. @231MasseyFerguson …go to the LSU AgCenter web site, they’ll have other
    recommended varieties for Louisiana….Donald

  11. where did you buy your hipper/bedder? I have been looking but can’t find
    one for my compact tractor.

  12. @231MasseyFerguson …if your potato plants are that tall already I
    wouldn’t give em any more fertilizer. You can side dress the corn, it’s
    likes fertilizer. Cultivators will do that to you……Donald

  13. corns lookin good don up here the saying is knee high by july looks like
    yours is allready there enjoy

  14. @SirChadwic … I agree, that is some good eating….. Donald

  15. @MakeupAddict4eva … I hope Ian’s corn comes out great and yall can both
    enjoy some fresh sweet corn right off the stalk…….. Donald

  16. @henrycems … the garden does like a good rain. You can almost watch it
    grow the next few days…… Donald

  17. donald do you lay by your peas? also do you incorporate fertilizer beside
    the peas since they are nitrogen fixing plants? hope you got some of the
    rain today from us in east texas. we got 2″ of rain and a couple of funnel
    clouds. thanks ma

  18. @kingtiger8177schotzi …Hey Steven, you may get a little leave burn but
    it’s really nothing to worry about just don’t over do it…….Donald

  19. super nice video!

  20. You can always add water but can’t take it out when there’s too

  21. Here in Kansas it keeps raining and raining and raining. Thankfully I have
    a sandy , well draining soil. The cucumbers just love this rain. My
    jalepenos are looking pathetic. We had one night of torential downpours and
    some pea sized hail. That really beat up all my peppers but the toamtoes
    made it through like champions. Luckily a 1/4 of my vegetables and herbs
    are in containers so I moved them under a large overhang by the shed. Does
    anyopne know if I can use 13-13-13 on any of my vegetables?

  22. @mhamerson … I don’t think beans are too crazy about pulling dirt up on
    their stalks so I don’t do it. I apply a little fertilizer at planting time
    and that’s it, no side dressing. We have been getting some much needed rain
    the last few days. Thanks for sending me some. lol…… Donald

  23. @scottdrawdy … Stevens Tractor Company, tell em I sent you. Ask for the
    “Row Hippers”. They can ship just about anywhere….Donald

  24. @AmericanPowerBase … now that you live out in the country you should plan
    a small fall garden. I think you would really enjoy harvesting and eating
    vegetables that you grew…… Donald

  25. @xxwnetelxx … thanks from Louisiana……. Donald