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http://www.thelovevitamin.com – Growing your own vegetable garden is one of the best things you can do for your health and the planet! (And subsequently your…
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25 Responses to “Take a Tour of My Beautiful, Blooming Vegetable Garden – www.TheLoveVitamin.com”

  1. Where you hiding that bud at behind your tomato plants… : )

  2. Wow Hot and a Gardener… You have a Beautiful Place there!

  3. dreamgirl!!
    love your garden!


  5. lol you’re so funny! wish I had that space to grow things. I wanna get out of Cali! Well southern cali at least.

  6. Lovely Garden you have

  7. Ann sophia Tychsen Reply July 21, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    can i ask what u do for a living? whats your daily job? regards ;)

  8. I live in BC, Canada

  9. Yep, at that house, there was a big barrel we used for collecting rainwater

  10. Awesome!! Homegrown beetroot is awesome :)

  11. PositivelyVictorian Reply July 21, 2013 at 2:32 pm

    Hi… I love your videos!!!! where do you get your headbands? Your style is awesome.

  12. I sub’d! Enjoyed the gardening video. How do you start your seedlings? You can build a hoop house on a weekend for 150 to 200 dollars. Check out my channel for how I did it! Subscribe, comment and rate if you like?
    Check out my son’s channel too! He has been gardening with me on my channel for years but now has his own garden and channel. Dpfenster09. He is only13 but well beyond that in gardening years!

  13. Thanks for responding, I like your videos of your garden. Hopefully you can have a garden at your next home along with internet. I have a dehydrator too. My husband likes beef jerky. I have also dried potatoes and fruit. Again, I like your videos and your cute house. Looks like paradise!

  14. Hahha oh well, it’s my landlord’s problem!

  15. For Sure :) But I Think Siding Is Pretty Important For Keeping The Weather And Insects Out….Ya May Want To Look Into It Soon

  16. Haha yeah I think I may need to get into canning… I have a dehydrator so I may try that. And I agree… siding would be great, but I’m just renting and we couldn’t get the internet at the house, so I need to move in the fall to somewhere that I can get it. Blogging without the internet has a been a challenge!

  17. Great video! You could easily process (can) your excess veggies to enjoy during the winter months. I love your house, try to get some siding to protect the structure from water damage. 

  18. I love your house!

  19. Nice, nice garden!

  20. cool :) wish I had the oppertunity to do the same.. some day ;) lol

  21. Yep, they are one of the easiest and most rewarding plants! haha

  22. Thanks! I’m really excited about it! :)

  23. Hahah I think it’s cute even without the siding…. imagine how cute it would be WITH siding!? :D

  24. I was so happy to dig that up and it was a decent size hahah I wasn’t expecting that at all

  25. I live with my boyfriend :) He’s also a first time gardener and so it’s pretty been pretty fun figuring it all out