Terraces and Raised Beds – Sepp Holzer – Trailer of film

Check out the long film at www.ecofilm.de ! It is part of the DVD “Sepp Holzer´s Permaculture” which you can purchase there. From the film “Terraces and Rais…

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  1. So amazing!!

  2. oh to have a mountain t…

  3. I’ve just got a piece of land 30ft by 30ft to grow food. it’s south facing
    and on a slight incline. I wonder would terracing it work? guessing it
    would jjust smaller scale, no? get at me ;) if you have thought.

  4. Berruyer-Johnston Aanoëlle Reply October 25, 2014 at 2:42 pm


  5. It might be on a small scale and in certain geographical contexts. If
    you’re thinking that you can make that work while resurrecting the Soviet
    kolkhoz or sovkhoz model, it probably won’t. You always have to measure
    yield/acre to really assess these things. You can always raise enough food
    for a group of people living on a plot of land if you really put your mind
    to it, but that still might not be the most efficient use of those people
    or that land. “Viable” doesn’t necessarily equal “good”.

  6. scrumptiousvittles Reply October 25, 2014 at 4:07 pm

    Holzer has proven that permaculture is a more than viable alternative.

  7. The full video of this ‘Farming with Raised Beds’ is worth buying, but
    there tends to be a lot of duplication from the ‘Farming with Nature’ and
    ‘Farming with Water’ Videos. Inspired by Sepp Holzer we terraced part of
    one field five years ago. We found that apple trees which in other parts
    developed cankers were canker free in the terraces, presumably due to much
    better drainage and an improved microclimate. Thanks for posting this clip.