Testing Soil Temperature in Garden Before I Plant Green Beans

I checked the soil temperature in the garden today with the hopes to get the Contender Green Beans in the ground to official start the green bean growing sea…

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  1. Thanks for the info and the link for temperatures.

  2. You can always start beans on seed starting mats and after they germinate
    get them in larger pots and off the heat. They will start to grow, and when
    temperatures outside are good, transplant and get a bit earlier production.

  3. Looks like some kind of bolt in the picture when you are showing the beans
    on the right edge of the still pic.

  4. I used one for years when I had my darkroom and temp were important when
    processing. I used it for years and have just misplaced it. At my age it
    will turn up one day. I bought another one. Now they call them instant
    thermometers. Nobody has a darkroom anymore. I think they are less than $6.

  5. Thanks for the info…I have read that white seed is more likely to crack
    in cool soil….I hope the cool weather is behind us….low tonight is high
    50′s…..I love it when the nighttime temps stay above 50…..spring is
    finally here….I hope….

  6. last year it was high 70s at the end of Feb when we normally would still
    have snow cover. farmers got into the fields for dirt work months early but
    the trees bud right on time.

  7. 1969rbmustangboss Reply April 23, 2014 at 2:12 am

    Great tips. Never thought about seed rot. Funny thing…your rooster crow
    at the end of your videos never fails to make my dog cock her head to one
    side then the other. It is hilarious to watch. -Lisa

  8. That is a “good to know” thing. Temps are so important. Thanks for all the
    info. Can you help with other temp info–like for peas, onions, potatoes
    (white and sweet), tomatoes, etc.We had snow flurries and freezing temps
    this past week here in Tennessee . Some people already had their garden
    seeds in the ground and I know they have lost practically everything. I
    generally plant after Easter. Again thanks for all the info.

  9. Thanks for the tip… Our weather is about 65 in the day and freezing at
    night i made the mistake of planting some pole beans becouse it said they
    could be planted in march they all germinated and came up with in a week
    the only bad thing is they have a yellowish tent to the leaves should i
    leave them in the ground or pull them up and try again in a week or to when
    i plant all my other spring crops? Thank you….Cody

  10. Thanks Brad..We have had such a cold late winter/early spring this
    year….My dad always told me cold early spring means “hot” summer…for
    once I hope he was wrong on something….but the older I get I am realizing
    my Dad was always right…..

  11. Tim, that’s just something everybody has to learn. Dad always has a way of
    being right. My dad died just a month ago. The guy was never wrong it seems

  12. LOL…..I bet that is funny to watch…..my little dog goes out a lays by
    the mobile coop that my rooster is in and suns herself….she perks up
    every time he crows….Pets are so great….Thanks for sharing that….

  13. Total garden space is 3000 square feet….it would be nice to cover it to
    warm it up…..we just came off a cold snap that had our night time temps
    down in the 20′s…..I think the next week of warm weather will get us
    warmed up pretty quick….Thanks…..

  14. I guess your garden would be too big to put plastic down to help warm the
    soil. Great info here thank you for sharing.

  15. Soil looks great! I always plant too early! Never fails. Last year though,
    I planted tomatoes too early and a frost got them. I left them in the
    garden and half of them came back!! I could not believe it. :) ))

  16. I will do a video in the next week or so about the pots by the

  17. Contenders have been very productive for me…I also plant the Roma II
    which I perfer for taste….I have always heard not to plant until Easter
    but….with it early this year….not sure that will hold up….Thanks….

  18. I have got to get me one of those instant read thermometers…..I use them
    in my business and they are great…just don’t have one at home……

  19. LOL…I was very tempted to plant something but going to wait a week and
    let the warm days get the soil temperature up a bit…..It has been a cold
    late winter here…..

  20. Wow the tomatoes came back…..I bet those were probably the best tomatoes
    you ever have had….That is how it usually works…..I have planted early
    so many times and wasted so many seeds but I am learning….Thanks….

  21. Thanks for the update Tim. You are a better man that me – I would have not
    been able to avoid the temptation :)

  22. A good demonstration of wisdom and patients. I always wondered what that
    looked like. (lol)

  23. LOL….Now that is funny M0D0C…..I am not sure about the wisdom and
    patients part….I just can’t afford to buy more seed this year….;-)….I
    have wasted a lot of seeds not planting at the best time…..

  24. Thanks for the tip! I would never have thought to use my thermometer to
    test the soil temp. Dur! LOL BTW .. Love love love that little greenhouse
    there. I’ve seen it in a few of your video’s and think it’s just the most
    adorable greenhouse! :) I was just looking at our temps and it looks like
    next week (around the 2nd or so) it’s supposed to get cold again for a
    couple of days. I’m totally new to gardening so this is very helpful to

  25. Beans seem to be the most sensitive of all the seeds I plant…I have
    wasted seed in years past by planting them out in cold damp