The Chef’s Garden: Vegetable Garden Update

Serious Gardener and Chef show you the latest in the Vegetable Garden. See the latest on our Leeks, Potatoes, Blackberries, Litchi Tomato, Garlic, Tomatoes, …
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9 Responses to “The Chef’s Garden: Vegetable Garden Update”

  1. try Chinese long beans! They grow very long!!

  2. Looking good, the garden is coming on nicely.

  3. nice garden

  4. wow what an amazing garden. very nice layout. thats a lot of hard work. nice job

  5. everything is looking Great!

  6. That’s going to be ALOT of cucumbers!!!

  7. Nice looking patch of veggies you’ve got there young man. Keep up the good,hard work. Check out my garden when you get a minute.

  8. Great garden update Brandon! Everything is looking fantastic. Have you checked if you have any vine borers on those squash plants?

  9. Brandon, I like how organized your garden is. Your pole beans are huge already, way ahead of mine, I’m in Wisconsin. I feel bad that all your tomato plants have some kind of disease. Is it too late to start new plants someplace else in your garden? Thank you for the tour. I appreciate the time you take to tell us all the names of the plants.