The Confrontation, Russell Crowe & Hugh Jackman, NYC Indoor Garden Party 3

During the second sold-out show of the evening, special guest Hugh Jackman joins the IGP and the two Les Miserables stars perform a number from that soon-to-…

25 Responses to “The Confrontation, Russell Crowe & Hugh Jackman, NYC Indoor Garden Party 3”

  1. XD I find it interesting that Russell Crowe actually has a better singing
    voice here than in the film. Must’ve been all that practice.

  2. Hugh Jackman forgot his lyrics! It should be “There is nothing I won’t
    dare” followed by “If I have to kill you now!”

    But this is still awesome :3

  3. What is it actually Russel Crowe says shortly after “Listen to me. There’s
    something I must do?”

  4. If you ask me, they were just having fun and were not realy paying
    attention on bringing a super song. I mean, they are both great and
    experienced actors, so Hugh Jackman being unable to stop himself from
    laughing while singing, proves enough it was just relaxed pleasure :D

  5. hehe, with Hugh Jackman as Javert?

  6. hehe Both actors were just having fun on this but they forget that they
    were supposed to be on serious matters here :p

  7. They’re both good, but Hugh does broadway.

  8. hugh is way better than crowe…

  9. Anne Elise Morrigan Reply December 30, 2013 at 3:02 am

    On the first day of my Les Mis countdown, the internet gave to me – a live
    performance of Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe performing the
    confrontation… FUCKING amazing! 


  11. omg they are so sexy and I don’t even no why I said that XD especially
    Russell, the way he sang this song is just sexy.

  12. Hugh jackman <3

  13. russel sings better here than in the musical

  14. i thought they were gonna break into rap…

  15. Victor Hugo didn’t write the musical though….

  16. Twoforsix o won

  17. i know some of you might agree, but in my opinion crowe did a good job
    playing javert. yes yes i know his singing is nowhere up to par, but he did
    gave javert a certain level of believability and humanity. quast and lewis
    were great voices, but their portrayal of the character was too rigid and
    makes javert look like a robot. i donno, i like crowes protrayal, still
    quast is the best on the voice side of the spectrum

  18. You can see Russel suffering immense pain as he attempts to sing lol.

  19. Yes everyone did awesome. However Russell Crowe did a mediocre job. He got
    the acting right but lacked in the vocal department. But that is just my
    personal opinion and I am not one of those dicks that doesn’t respect
    others opinions. I am glad you enjoyed Russell’s performance. I didn’t. But
    I think we both agree that this movie as a whole was pretty boss.

  20. I am SO impressed with Hugh Jackman. <3

  21. Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman is the best great job

  22. They are so amazing! It’s so weird that Russell reminds me of my teacher so

  23. russell will be good at playing valjean

  24. Javert : Surprise! Oh dear I can just see that happening in the movie.
    Rofl. XD