The Natural way of growing big vegetables! gardening

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  1. Yep the white ones. It was from a giant puffball. They are mycorrhizal fungi, but it is very hard to get the right plant for them to grow with. In my experiment none took. I was hoping they would attach themselves onto one of the veg families I placed them on. But no luck. Try using nettles as the plant for symbiosis. If you want to grow veg. then get a mix from a garden-center. There are quite a lot of different spores in those mixes. You will have a good chance for them to take. Cheers :)

  2. So the spores you added to the soil were from puffballs? The white ones? Does that fungi have the same symbiotic relationship with a plants roots as mycorrhiza?

  3. This guy talks just like “The Moneyless Man”. Nice wee vid.

  4. U need some fertillizer man

  5. BackyardDiscoveryCo Reply September 3, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    Thanks for all the great idea’s!

  6. Soil temp so gauge to stick in the ground

  7. Everything would be about a month later than here in Ireland. But having said that we could nearly be in zone 5 this year as the weather has been very slow. A good indication is if you can put your elbow into the soil and test it. The soil should feel warm. Some use there bare backside :)
    Hope that helped ;)

  8. when do i sowing seed in zone 5

  9. a good big watermelon seed when to start in zone 5. how long to grow organic. 

  10. Hey there I do use organic seeds. But the seeds you need are of the giant variety. Like with pumpkin for instance Atlantic giant would be a good one. Buy seed from growers who have grown massive veg. That way you will also have the genetic viability in the seeds.
    Hope that helped ;)

  11. what kind of seed to start big that you use it or not organic

  12. Great video as I’ve just taken a gardening course and thinking of moving to London for some training! Thanks!

  13. You are welcome. Enjoy growing your seedlings :)

  14. Perfect timing, I’m just about to make seedlings for this years veg garden.
    Thanks so much!!!

  15. you’re fucking beautiful

  16. How do you get so many worms

  17. I do, but I usually keep them in a dark place. I do not use giant puffballs for this though. I just buy the mix. I do try to grow them ones in a wile in some cow manure. But it is very much hit and miss :) 

  18. I noticed you had a Mason type jar with a special lid for your puffball spores. Do you store the spores year round in that jar? I’m asking because we have some puffballs that “bloom” in the fall and I would like to try your technique next year. Thanks for all of your great videos, too!

  19. I see. Yes! Thank you. It was in a Jiffy Pot. Now I feel bad that I tossed out the poor “fun-guy” (fungi) lol! Thank you for the insight. I won’t panic the next time I see another fungus growing near my veggies. Thank you again!

  20. Hey there :) 80% of all plants form a symbioses with fungi. So generally there is nothing to worry about. If the fungi is on a wooden pot then it is eating your pot, that’s all. Even if it were to be a harmful fungi, it would have done the damage already as the mushroom you see is only the fruiting body. The large part of the fungi is in the ground. With lots of fungal strands going through the soil.
    Hope that helped you. If not let me know.

  21. Awesome vid! I do have a question. Are all fungi good for plants? Cause I recently discovered a tiny thin stem with a spider-web top that appears to be a type of fungi on one of my pots and I was worried it might kill my seedlings in the pot. I’ve looked online but was not able to find it to recognize as a good or bad thing. So I removed it as a precaution. So my question again is, are all fungi good for plants? Or are there only specific varieties?

  22. Thank You. I did not know that.

  23. Do and let me know how you got on ;)

  24. No as it is anti bacterial. Honey would hinder the growing microbes :)