The Seeds – Pushin’ Too Hard

circa 1966, from The Mothers-in-Law sitcom // low image quality’s gassy so don’t whine //
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. @TheSunbau Sounds like you’ve been listenin’ to the “Nuggets” album lately, cool! So have I.

  2. 1:08 haunts me

  3. Close your eyes and listen. Really honest, raw and rough rock music from the mid 60s. Open your eyes and ears to discover the amount of relatively unknown bands that existed during that period. Listen for example to The Misunderstood, The Puhdys and of course THE ZETTLERS and their versions of “Skinnie Minnie” and “Beautiful Delilah”. What a bloody feeling and “drive”.

  4. las drogas hicieron bastante daño a mucha gente


  6. YEAH, these niggas be spittin straight GAS

  7. awesome!!!!!

  8. Harry Mudd? Music drove him to seek solace in space and become Captain Kirks nemesis.

  9. +1′d this :) QC

  10. I never cared much for the Seeds. Sky Saxon’s frantic dancing would have been cool coming from an 18 year old lead singer, but was almost 30 at the time.

  11. the good old days when LSD was still legal

  12. Sickest front man ever.

  13. that old guy was acting like he had hemorrhoids

  14. @ShapelyDice cool thanks :D

  15. This is every 60′s teenager’s fantasy, slipping acid to their mom and dad and all their friends at a cocktail party. It will be far out to see those squares freak out.

  16. Very cool; I like the parental units feining disgust throughout the video…

  17. @Deneb33 No problem. And there’s another little clip with the Warts (Seeds) in it that I assume is the end of the episode. The video is titled “When the Seeds met Joe Besser.” The quality isn’t too great, though.

  18. @ShapelyDice good info thanks

  19. @Deneb33 Hey, if you want to see a very high-quality excerpt of this episode that provides a little more insight, search YouTube for “MILExtended.” Don’t ask me why the video is titled MILExtended, but it is. The Seeds made a cameo appearance on the TV sitcom The Mothers-in-Law, and their band name on the show is The Warts. The Warts! I always find it amusing. Anyway, check it out. Hope that helps.

  20. is he lip syncing? it sounds almost like the record. what was the story line, why would the Seeds be in this sitcom? I wish I could see the whole episode.

  21. great song funny video

  22. Ah, the Seeds, the single greatest band ever to call earth home.

  23. hey sky what are you doin in the squares living room/

  24. nice cape faggot

  25. this is like a pre-YouTube YouTube moment