The vegetable garden-weed control by hoeing

A hoe is a device for processing soil. We use 2 kinds-a heavy African style hoe for digging ground and earthing up potatoes, and something like this (Wolf br…

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  1. Excellent, thanks!

  2. stephen farbrother Reply October 16, 2014 at 9:32 am

    These videos are excellent.. making merry of dull work. Good on you. :) 

  3. I am now excited about obtaining one of those hoes so I can do some weeding
    tomorrow on my birthday. Enjoyed your vid.

  4. Just what I`m looking for

  5. I need a hoe like this! Thanks for the video! I have lots of morning
    glories coming up in a bed and this would make quick work of removing them!
    P.S. I’m in the U.S. and love listening to your wonderful accent.

  6. arboristBlairGlenn Reply October 16, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    Ho Ho Ho

  7. ★★★★★

  8. Good video~

  9. Hi, Can you add a video about various gardening tools that you and Julia
    use? I’m in the USA and noticed you use different and better tools than we
    have in our local hardware stores. Thank you. P.S. Your video’s are NOT

  10. None of your videos are boring! I could listen to you two all day and be
    perfectly entertained and educated! Buy the way my friends sister was a hoe
    and she didn’t look anything like that.

  11. I like your channel. You mentioned the rude comment someone had made on a
    different video and i am sure you will run into more. I am not sure if you
    are aware of the word trolling? There are many people that go around you
    tube and just make rude comments on others videos. I guess it can be
    considered cyber bullying. Usually they are less creative and just say ‘you
    are gay’ ‘this is so dumb’. Some are more creative. This is called
    trolling. I hope you ignore the them and keep up the great work!

  12. Hi, Can you add a video about various gardening tools that you and Julia
    use? I’m in the USA and noticed you use different and better tools than we
    have in our local hardware stores. Thank you.

  13. @docsimonson Thanks for recommending Amazon! I checked their website and
    they DO carry the hoe and handle and different attachments, too.

  14. No boredom here. That would describe my videos. Yours are informative, and
    witty and fun to watch.

  15. Never seen a hoe like that. If I find one of those my father might get a
    decent present this year =D

  16. @axiomatic272 This is my first year with garlic, I’m in the Midwest U.S.
    and I have about a month for mine. I did 8 varieties. I’ve pulled some for
    Spring garlic and used them in marinades and stir frys. Really good.

  17. Hello! Thanks for the video. Stupid question from a city boy, but won’t the
    weeds just come back in a day or two? Or do the weeds take longer to come
    back? I am thinking with the weed just left on the soil, doesn’t it just
    take root again?

  18. I’d grow apples had I the space. I’ve just discovered your channel and like
    your videos, so I’ve subscribed.

  19. Paleo, Permie, Pagan (madeofyucca) Reply October 16, 2014 at 7:16 pm

    Your videos aren’t boring at all!

  20. I have never used that type of hoe, but I might try one now. Thanks for the
    nice video!

  21. I find hoeing quite meditative, just me the hoe and a gazillion $%&***
    weeds :)

  22. @MrLarryHorse Yes. its our garlic. W haven;t bought any garlic for a
    decade, we save teh best of our crop and plant in October. We’ll be
    harvesting it in 1 or 2 weeks, will certainly make a video about the
    garlic. It took us ages to work out the best way to clean and plait (or
    weave) it and we were planning to share that with the youtube gardening
    community. PS signed in as axiomatic272 but its Stephen and Julia (she’s
    standing behind me as I type!)

  23. @LSUTigerMom I just checked, the tool used here is a ‘Wolf push pull
    weeder’ you should be able to find one easily. apart from that, our only
    garden tools we use are regular stainless steel spade, forks, trowel, rake
    and African hoe (often sold as the Chillington hoe). The one thing I would
    recommend to any would be vegetable gardener is John and Sally Seymour’s
    outstanding ‘The Complete Book of Self Suficiency’ . we learned all we know
    about gardening from that book plus experience.

  24. @LSUTigerMom The hoe here is made by German company Wolf, their special
    thing is detachable heads that clip on to their handles. I bought the head
    and fixed it to a cheap handle here. I assume that if you Google on Wold
    garden tools you will find the hoe.

  25. You should see my lettuce/greens bed, it’s so overrun with mustard greens
    that I have to clip mustard leaves every day just so the lettuce gets some
    light! It’s so thick that a legion of ladybugs moved in, to dispatch with
    the aphids (next up, all the turnip greens!) Oh, I recently wrote a song
    about the country music scene : ) When it’s posted, I’ll tell you about it
    : )