Tips on Growing Cantaloupe in a Garden

This is a video on tips to growing cantaloupe in a garden. This is my garden in my backyard in New York, USA. This video demonstrates how cantaloupe looks du…
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  1. FYI..I grow cantaloupes vertically as well but I use my wife’s old panty hose to support the melons. Normally I fold them (pantyhose) in half, tie a knot so I now have a harness then slip the harness around the melon and then tie it to my fence with twine. For me this works great because the harness allows the melons to breathe and as they grow the nylon expands with the fruit.

  2. Ya, your right, it happens with watermelons too. I take leaves and put em under cantaloupe and watermelon.

  3. well it may be soil conditions, i accidentally grew some in my compost. so fertilize and water

  4. Yeah no problem. I’m growing some of my own at the time. 8 plants growing and 2-3 individual plants in each. You might also want to keep the melons from touching the dirt though..It could rot and get decease and die. Not sure if I read this right, but you can have the melons be in a a cut milk plastic gallon and place the melon inside. May seem a little weird, but I’ve read it helps. Hope this also helps anyone else looking to grow cantaloupe. Good job on growing them in NYC too!

  5. Thank you for this tip. I’ve discovered that cantaloupe also can grow well on the ground and it’s not essential for them to grow vertically, so I’ve updated this video. Thanks. I appreciate the feedback.

  6. Good job man!

  7. Quick tip here. They like to do what you said, but they also like hills..for some reason they like to grow down a hill and grow cantaloupe as it hangs down a little.

  8. good job growing in the city bub!

  9. I’ve had my seeds planted int he ground in full sun for weeks…the plants are only about 2 inches high…what am I doing wrong?

  10. Superb fellow gardening in NYC back yard :) Love it !!! Feel free to check out my garden video Issero7 …Cheers :)

  11. when you see it is golden all around with no green spots. And when it begins to get any what soft, it’s time to take it down for sure.

  12. when can i pick it?