Tips on Growing Watermelon in a Garden

This video just gives some general tips on growing watermelon. I grew these watermelons here in NY. I started around April but it was until September until I…
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4 Responses to “Tips on Growing Watermelon in a Garden”

  1. WOW! They are beautiful. Cant believe you grew them in NY. Do you think
    if next time you remove some of the leaves at this stage more energy will
    go into the fruit and you will get larger watermelon. I will try again
    in California. Thanks

  2. Lucky son of a gun. Really cool.

  3. Nothing can compare in growing your own, real nice watermelons.

  4. wátermelon likes Sandy soil better mix of soil better results, here in
    panamá I mix cow manure compost from the pile composted kitchen waste some
    sand and forest soil. and plenty wáter…nice video…