Tomato Gardening : How to Best Fertilize Vegetables?

Vegetables will require a lot of careful fertilization during their initial growth period. Learn how to best fertilize vegetables with help from a garden teacher and expert in this free video clip. Expert: Jessica Craven Bio: Jessica Craven has extensive experience working with school gardens, horticultural therapy gardens (for physically and developmentally disabled adults), as well as serving as a garden teacher. Filmmaker: Alfredo Rodriguez Series Description: A tomato garden can be both a fun and ultimately rewarding addition to hour home. Find out about tomato gardening with help from a garden teacher and expert in this free video series.
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11 Responses to “Tomato Gardening : How to Best Fertilize Vegetables?”

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  2. Tomatoes are calcium loving,give em a drink of milk once a week and watch em thrive!

  3. You nead a degree to have common sense. Go back to school.

  4. when watering your tomatoes don’t water the leaves! it will promote disease which you don’t want

  5. le traducteur google refuse la langue française!!! pourquoi ???

  6. Great advice, the testing of the ground is so important. But the ground that I started with was all over the chart. It will take a few years to make the soil good.

  7. friken buff

  8. I’ve been doing this with my plant for a little while now. Good vid tho.

  9. my grandmother didn’t soak compost, she just placed it around the plant. now I will try your method too.

  10. I love gardening