Tomato Hornworm – Large Green Tomato Plant Eating Caterpillar

I have been neglecting my garden due to lack of time. When I got the opportunity to check it today I got quite a surprise. One of my tomato plants had been eaten by a large green caterpillar. After doing some research on Google, I discovered that this thing is called a Tomato Hornworm due to the fact that they eat Tomato Plants (and Tobacco Apparently).
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  1. I’ve seen them fight. It was kinda funny to watch.

  2. @mcuaron lol i just said the same thing to myself xD

  3. Its so cute!!! I want one!

  4. I saw a smaller green caterpillar (different species i think) and when I picked it up, the thing gave off a scent that smelled like pledge cleaner. No joke. It was lemony fresh.

  5. @oianyonghaseyo He’d eat it for the protein.

  6. I saw one of those when I was a kid…the one I saw had orange and red spikes on its head

  7. i found a huge green bug about as wide as a quarter and as long as a cell phone it had a huge red thorn on its head and when i picked it up it tried to stab me! anyone know what the bug is called?

  8. Pimpmastahanhduece Reply March 29, 2012 at 1:22 am

    @oianyonghaseyo got tap water, make it into a soup of my own piss.

  9. all he needs is a pipe and it the caterpillar from alice in wonderland

  10. @oianyonghaseyo Tiger beetle Larvae

  11. hes a biggun

  12. wow, i just discovered the same thing. Where are all the leaves? when I fallowed the bearin plant it lead me to the caterpiller. There are about 9 of them on 2 plant bushes and they ate the tomato also, The white things on the backs of some of them freaked me out. We are going to investigate all the clips, thanks for your. I am in Iowa, and there obviousllly isn’t a short of those worms here.

  13. hi, believe it or not, thee are being whiped out, not around as much and turn into a beautiful spinx moth, hope you did not kill him, i live in ca. they are hard to come by now adays as allot of butterly and beautiful moths

  14. wampaAWESOMEsauce Reply March 29, 2012 at 5:52 am

    @oianyonghaseyo many types of parasites and wasps wasps lay eggs on them and the larvea eat the livin caterpillar

  15. @oianyonghaseyo there is a type of parasitic wasp that lays its eggs on the caterpillar, when they hatch they start eating the caterpillar from the inside

  16. I just found 4 of these caterpillars on my tomato plants. I thought they were butterfly caterpillars at first. They sure are pretty, but annoying. They ate up my plants. :( Thanks for the video…now I know what they are.

  17. why are they such a pest..too bad they weren’t better for your plants i think they are adorable.

  18. do they only eat tomatoes because i just pulled one off my dads and i thought he was a pea pod it was at night and kinda dark… so i was like hey when did my dad plant peas and i looked closer and thought hey when did peas become fuzzy…. then i was like holllly molly that’s a big caterpillar lol

  19. @oianyonghaseyo Very small parasitic wasps that lay their eggs on these caterpillars’ backs.

  20. This things are FREAKY LOOKIN!! me and my dad found SIX of those things on our plant me dad is pickin an killin those things right now lol :) go daddy i aint touchin those things!

  21. i found one of these guys on my tomato plant. i first noticed that two of my tomatoes were half eaten. they have some appetite.

  22. i feel your pain, there is nothing worse than seeing your plant being wasted by one of these nasty hornworms

  23. They start out so small you cant hardly see them, like mini maggots. Will devastate a tobacco plants too in no time flat. Simple seven dust kills em dead. Usually about 2 dusting’s is all it takes but better spot em quick. Then you can spray of the seven dust with a water hose. Safe and effective.

  24. wow that is a huge caterpillar, beautiful creature, pour tomato plant

  25. if I find any on my maters…. i will give em to the chickens!! they will love it