Tomato plant “suckering and topping” nctomatoman July 2 2011

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  1. Good vid and good tips :)

  2. TheLawrence12181965 Reply February 11, 2014 at 3:46 am

    thank you for your service , love your garden , have a great day

  3. Hi – you don’t have to; it is totally up to what you hope to achieve and
    the support system. Suckers are just additional fruiting stems and allowing
    them to grow increase the yield, but also the size and complexity of the
    plant. Some I prune, some I don’t – leaving them doesn’t hurt the plant.
    Taking too many or all suckers can significantly reduce yield and foliage,
    leading to possible sunscald.

  4. Hi, You could try companion planting (google it) to reduce the number of
    pests in your garden, but I wouldn’t use pesticides as they target ALL
    insects even the good predatory insects you want to keep in the garden, You
    could also try to introduce predatory insects to your garden by buying
    small pouches that contain predatory insects that will naturally reduce the
    number of pests. And for the birds try to hang old cd’s, They don’t like
    the movement & reflection -Hope that helps :)

  5. Do you have to sucker the plants?

  6. We never prune the tomatoes, but we have TONS of whiteflies on the plants
    in the summer. Any suggestions? I don’t know if you have those down south,
    I’m in Northern Ontario, Canada.

  7. we have a ton of stink bugs / birds in the summer and I’m thinking about
    growing indoors just in case.. By topping I can control how tall they’ll
    be, but do you think netting will help with the bug issue, or should I just
    focus on indoor growing? I was going to grow lavender, carrots, and cherry
    tomatoes outside. Thanks!