TOMATO THIEF!! September 13, 2014 | Naptural85 Vlog

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25 Responses to “TOMATO THIEF!! September 13, 2014 | Naptural85 Vlog”

  1. TOMATO THIEF!! New Daily is Up! Xo! <3

  2. Yasssssssss Hi Guys!!!! :) 

  3. I so love your blogs. Olivia love her tomatoes I rather see her eating that
    than junk food. She’s a smart toddler and knows what she loves. 

  4. Lol the tomato looks like a butt

  5. 5:54 was so precious.

  6. When she said “Butt cheek” I lost it! Lollll

  7. Cute!!! Love the Brazilian clips!!! I tell you, Livy’s at that age where
    she could spend a few weeks with grandma, and be virtually FLUENT in
    Portuguese!!! #TakeAdvantageAndReinforceThatWhileYouCan

  8. my turn signal just stopped working. about how much does it cost?

  9. Woo!! Late night vlog! Thanks Whitney u made my night! Happy Sunday!

  10. Hi, Whitney! Just wanted to say hello. :) 

  11. Yay! I was about to go to bed, can’t now, lol! Hey Whitney :) 

  12. Lol Livy’s probably gonna hate tomatoes when she gets older 

  13. Whoo hooo! Idk just wanted to do that ^^

  14. Hey, Whitney! I was just about to go to bed. Btw, cappuccino chips are
    sick, but the wasabi ginger chips are amazing!!! 

  15. I hate tomatoes

  16. Lol! Olivia is so crafty! Goodnight guys :) 

  17. woah! one of the first 12 to see this! Greetings from Pittsburgh PA! 

  18. Awwww oliva so cute with that tomato! i really want a FMS of the chicken
    legs lol. (and that veggie chilli) :) pleeeeeaaaaasssee

  19. Lol, she knew she picked the biggest one. 

  20. <3

  21. Tomatoes were my favorite as a child too! Hi Whitney and fam! :) 

  22. I love this family! Hey Whit!

  23. Felipe: “it looks like a butt cheek”

    O-ya: *looks* “Butt Cheekk!”

    Felipe: “yaa”

    O-ya: “yaaa ”

  24. Why were you so nervous to eat the bread? What kind of dip was that? 

  25. So….I’m now hooked to another family’s vlog,a beauty channel,a cooking
    channel……and I’m learning Spanish????