Tomato Tree or Apple Tree ? You Make the Call !

I had some extra tomato plants earlier this year, and decided to plant a Big Beef in a raised bed in my greenhouse. I wasn’t expecting anything special from it, just typical production. But this has grown into something much more than an average tomato plant. It has a huge canopy, similar to a tree. And has more fruit on it than many apple trees of the same size. I’ve tried to count the number of tomatoes on it, and estimated between 75-100 for just this one plant…. now that’s what I call a productive mater !

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  1. I only grow lettuce in the rail system. The tomatoes are in Dutch buckets. Most times in the greenhouse, I’ll keep the plants to 1 or 2 stems, and just remove the suckers as the plant grows.This one got out of hand and I just let it go.

  2. I have seen your Rail system, Do you keep all suckers picked on the rail system? and on this Big Beef how do you prune on it normally?

  3. Where you are, I reckon you can grow just about anything. Something like the dutch buckets would be very easy to deal with, low maintenance for sure. Thanks.

  4. This was planted in early May, I think. It wasn’t until Fall that it really got carried away up top. I was about to take it down then decided to see what it would do. It just kept on going. This was growing in-ground. But as far as I know, the people who grow hydro just start a new plant. It’s a lot easier than trying to manage a large root mass and dealing with the additional pruning.

  5. to add.. I’ve never paid attention to what zone and when to plant and have no problem growing tomatoes or greens year round in hanging buckets w/ soil running drip irrigation to them and I would love to try them this year in a dutch bucket. I have a chronic illness that keeps me indoors most days and keeping up with plants is sometimes too much so anything that helps automate the watering process is a BIG plus for me. I love your videos, very simple and to the point. Thank you!

  6. how long did it initially take to grow into a canopy? I’m very curious when growing with Hydroponics do you need to replant a new plant every year? or can some withstand multiple seasons with some pruning? The reason I ask is I live in Florida and so far this year we really only had a handful of days that were just 40-60. So we can sometimes garden year round here.

  7. so sad!

  8. After growing almost back to the ground, and becoming a nursery for whiteflies, I took it down last week. It was impossible to get up in there and spray anything. After seeing how many whiteflies were actually on it, I wish I had taken it down sooner. It was pretty well wrapped up. It was cool to look at, but very difficult to maintain.

  9. Your public demands an update on the Tomato Tree please!

  10. It was really neat to see this thing progress. Really cool how one plant could put on so much fruit. :)

  11. wow that is just awsome i thought it was a apple tree that is great

  12. Thank you mam. I still have much to learn, but I manage to get things right once in awhile. :)

  13. Funnyskilletgirl777 Reply February 27, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    You have one heck of a green thumb!

  14. I really enjoy your videos. There very helpful. Thanks

  15. In a word…Excellent. I get nothing but thanks and compliments from the people that I share the tomatoes with.

  16. How are the green house tomatoes compared to the vine ripe summer tomatoes ?

  17. LOL… :)

  18. Feed it the GMO pests ! 8s

  19. The first time it hollers “FEED ME”, I’ll have to make some other arrangements. :)

  20. LOL…. let me know when you’re coming, so I can try to locate a Master Gardener for you to shake hands with. Thanks. :)

  21. Most times I use the 5 gal. I think its the most commonly used size.

  22. That’ll work !

  23. Yes He has ! Thank you very much. :)

  24. Wow! One of these days I going to have to take a road trip and visit your place. I’d love to shake the hand of a Master Gardener (and videographer)! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Wow! That thing hasn’t yelled at you to feed it, has it?
    (Little Shop of Horrors reference…)