Tomatoes and Indoor Vegetable Gardens : How do I Grow Giant Tomato Plants?

Giant tomato plants grow best when you use a trellis or tomato cage to help the tomato plants support their weight, and you can either purchase these structu…

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  1. mi mother in law has a million doller property ;;GLASSHOUSES;; and hers grow taller than u


  3. Super video…..may I ask if you used extra lighting for your cam?? thanks!

  4. This is a great idea to do a whole garden row. My dad ended up making a 1 1/2 ft tall wood rail to support his tomatoes and they grew over that! If those plants could have been kept standing they would have been easier to harvest. PVC pipe can be added on easily to adjust height, and broken down and stored. For the planter she made here, it’s easier to let a seedling grow into it, but she wanted to use a nice plant for demo. Fortunately, tomato plants recover very well from breakage.

  5. where you get tray

    i really would like some of those tyvm for video

  6. SCOG should be done BEFORE your plant is that big in order to train it into place, not force it. The idea’s the same but holy crap a lil late, lol.

  7. What kind of lighting did you use?
    Flourescents? What kind (make, color, lumens)? How many tubes?

  8. needed more info……lighting, room temp, ect……..

  9. Thanks! Very cool. I will be doing this soon!

  10. cool set up, i’ll keep this in mind. i myself am working on a small hydroponics project…

  11. thanks this was really informative!

  12. hi i’d like to thank you since no one else did people really need to know how to do these things