Tomatoes and Indoor Vegetable Gardens : How to Grow Vegetables in Tubs

To grow vegetables such as baby tomato plants in tubs, fill the tubs three-quarters full with clay pebbles, dip the tubs in water and then add the right amou…

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  1. Of course. Plants create their own food through the process of

  2. I know absolutely nothing about indoor gardening (or outdoor, for that
    matter). Can you purchase the tub like that or do you have to create the
    holes you put the plants in yourself? I live in an apartment and I am
    interested in growing plants for juicing. Can all of the supplies you use
    in the video be purchased in a gardening store?

  3. Sweet! are you using botanicare? it kinda looked like the bottle.

  4. do they still need sunlight?

  5. “And that’s how you grow vegetables in tubs?” …wait, what? You provided
    pretty much zero useful information and are giving a terribly false
    impression that it is easy to do this. What pH are the nutrients at? What
    ratio of N-P-K? What concentration (EC)? How often do you change it? What
    kind of lighting do you provide, at what distance? Also, unless those are
    Micro Tom tomatoes, that spacing of net pots is absurdly small.

  6. thx for no help at all at how to do this myself.

  7. I’m trying to recall when plants evolved to start using oxygen?
    Hmmmm….global warming solved!!