Top 3 Make Comfrey Concentrate Liquid Feed / Organic Gardening

WEBSITE: Learn three simple tips and ways to make your own Comfrey Feed to feed your vegetables and plants.
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  1. Are you immune to nettles? haha

  2. Thanks David man :)
    You gona come down for that Swarm of bees :)

  3. Supers video. Straight up and simple, suits me ha ha

  4. Again, adore watching your videos!!!

  5. This was a really good, instructional video! It was straight forward and I learned something! Thank you for not getting all hung up on too many details that distract rather than leave the viewer with something he/she can actually use. Seriously, thank you! This was good stuff.

  6. You could but then it would not be strictly organic anymore.
    Use the third method for lager quantities. Half a cup is more than enough.
    David ;)

  7. My neighbor fertilizes his grass can I use those clipping to make this ?

    How much do you mix in per gallon?

    Thank you David

  8. Hey no problem :)
    Usually every two weeks or so. If plants are sick maybe once a week.
    If plants are larger and not sick then I would only give it to them once a month.
    Hope that helped.

  9. You are welcome, same here it is always great to get new info and share ;)
    Best wishes David.

  10. Hey David, no problem, check out your facebook site, it’s easier to write there for me :)

  11. Hey man, sorry for the late reply, Was nice to meet you too. Warrens talk was great. Sorry you had to work. I must call up to your garden and take a look, It will have to wait now till I get back in two or three month though. Hey checked out your channel, Did you sing in the Reggie music yourself. Sounds great.
    Best wishes David.

  12. hey love your videos.just a question what is the npk values of these feeds and would it be possible to make a solution high in p and k for fruiting.i know off hand that the examples are high in nitrogen any advise?

  13. Hey David, its Gabriel, we met yesterday in Flaach. It was really a big suprise to see you there :) Any way, that’s my youtubeaccount, so I’d love to hear from you soon :) Have a nice day in the, finally, sunny Switzerland

  14. Thanks so much! I did learn something new!

  15. Thanks, how easy. This is very helpful information. How often do you feed your plants this combination of grass clippings and molasses? I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, it is very hot in the summertime.

  16. So… For grass clippings only use new green ones? I have a pile where the top has dried and the clippings are mixed with some leaves..

  17. You should make more videos David. I much enjoy watching and learning.

  18. plus+ 1 on organic everything :) and plus+ 1 on your rant video on the one channel design :/ 11 days left until it’s automatically going to transfer over going to be sad day for all youtubers fighting against one channel. subbing :) ) best organic channel i ever found.

  19. Man u make very helpful videos every time the grass getts cut I’m gunna rake it up and make some

  20. Thank you for the information, I will be giving this a try. Learned something today :) and to think I have just been putting this stuff in the compost pile when I could get liquid feed out of it first. Have fun playing in the dirt. 

  21. you mention using, worms have you tried using fly maggots?

  22. Great video.

  23. Dave, Fantastic video; Love the fertilizers that don`t cost money !!! Cheers, The D (Darlene)

  24. Nicely explained video. We are quite careful about grass in the compost – only put it in when it is not seeding. Will give this a go once have got a suitable sized barrel. I know some people also use compost (stuffed into a stocking) and water to make a tea which perhaps is equally effective…