Top 7 Crops that Thrive in the Hot Summer Desert Vegetable Garden

John from shares with you the top 7 crops that have done really well in his hot summer desert garden where the temperatures…

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  1. DragonettaUnchained Reply October 14, 2013 at 10:06 am

    It doesn’t look like this guy has responded to comments in quite a long time, yet people keep asking him questions. Is there a point to all of this?

  2. what happen to your arm?

  3. Have any suggestions for trying to grow in places like Alaska in a rainy summer climate? Is it possible to grow inside or just build a heated shed to grow in? I would prefer to be outside but I am not sure how that will work out. I want to juice a lot and eat raw. Produce is super expensive here.

  4. Sound like you have Cabbage Moth, You may want to try and bring more natural predators into the garden to clean them up. I hope John doesn’t mind me answering the question. Do research on Cabbage moth and take action. ps: Avoid those chemical sprays, they just kill of all the beneficial insects and your problem will increase. Happy Gardening Marty

  5. I always enjoy your watching your videos John, your an inspiration to the food growing community. Happy Gardening Marty

  6. I keep caterpillars away by inspecting the leaves daily, rubbing off any eggs (wear gloves if you’re squeamish). If you’re too late and the caterpillars have hatched, you can either pick them off and step on them individually (not nice, I know!), or sprinkle diatomaceous earth on them, which is non toxic (google it). You’ll need to reapply the DE after a rainfall, but my dad swears by it for caterpillar damage control. BTW, wasps are great for caterpillar control–they feed them to their babies.

  7. Hi John! Thanks for the awesome video. I would like to purchase some more seeds.

  8. JPR4, have you or anyone reading tried eating the flowers of okra? I have not yet, but it is tempting. Not much info out there about them. They are attractive daily, and one of my new found favorites.

  9. Underground Demagraphix Reply October 14, 2013 at 3:09 pm

    jhon im in vegas n was able to take out my aphid problem with tobacco I have plenty seeds / types and it is easy to grow

  10. Hey John! You should try Okra leaves. They are not bad at all, peace.

  11. John – my dinosaur kale has been attacked by a white/yellow butterfly – it munches and then leaves a little cocoon.  I luv watching the little butterflies play but not loving that they eat more of the kale than I do. Any suggestions? Thx for all the great info in your videos. Many Blessings:-)

  12. Get well Jon. Canada loves you!! By the way I’ve noticed lately your skins been looking amazing :)

  13. In addition to the ones you mentioned I have collard greens, squash and melons that are all doing really well in hot (but humid) climate.

  14. Thank you John….. Do you have a video, or can you make one, that focuses on when to plant crops for the different seasons. Thank you! :0)

  15. “Hope you like viewing this quick episode…”, yes. quick episodes under seven minutes. Nevertheless thanks for sharing your videos.

  16. I was growing similar crops in Colombia at 2000 meters [where I'd think the sun might wilt plants quicker than lower elevations]. They are in hugulkultur rows and got rain every day, so their moisture was very well regulated. I’d guess that is what your plants are experiencing. Bed them like you would tomatoes so that they’ll drain well but have that moisture exchange under the soil.

  17. monica mccain-shepard Reply October 14, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    Whole paycheck is right!!!! Lol

  18. I want a John’s Mix survival seed package, you can do a dessert, and coastal.

  19. John, weird thing happened to my swiss chards, kales & collards this summer in my Waikiki back yard. They got withering during the day , standing up at night for a month then they finally died. I even moved them to a shady area below my banana trees thinking the hot sun was the reason they witherred. Any idea what I can do in the future ? I am waiting for new seedling…

    Quyen & Bruce

  20. you mentioned controlling the aphids……how?

  21. wow this is new, a 6 minute video.

  22. GET MOST WELL !!!!!!!

  23. What’s a good way to get rid of aphids on my vegetables?

  24. How about for fall & winter in a desert environment?

  25. LOL @ 4:00 “whole paycheck” that was a good one.