Top Ten Secrets – #2 Tomatoes, Everything You Need to Know

In this episode of GardenRx, host Loren Nancarrow sets the record straight on growing prize winning tomatoes in your own garden. You’ll learn how to ready th…

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  1. You make very good and practical points in this video. All the fish, bone
    and other meal though is a bit much. However I’ll have to give this a shot.
    I grow tomatoes in pots. From two plants I had so many tomatoes I didn’t
    have an immediate use.

  2. It is such a great honor to learn your top ten secrets on how to grow and
    care for tomatoes. I agree that these important things are quite useful for
    every homeowners and enthusiast in growing tomatoes. I believe that it will
    really help to improve the growth production of the said delicious crop. 

  3. Lots of good info. Thanks

  4. Thanks helps a lot you earned your self a subscription

  5. Awesome. I’m just starting to get the urge to grow my own tomatoes for
    pastas and sauces, and salads…. but, man…. how I wish my area wasn’t in
    the middle of a drought. :( 

  6. Great video thanks!

  7. great teacher!!!

  8. wow this is great learning i realy did enjow watching this video iv been
    wanting to start a garden for a while but realy never knew how

  9. Ok this year I have ready all of the ingredients needed to enrich the soil.
    I didn’t do the fresh cow manure and the compost before the winter. Can I
    use a dry organic cow manure with humus together with the kelp, cottonseed,
    fish and bone meals? If that’s ok, how much should I put in my 50 sq feet
    raised bed garden? Thanks

  10. Add 5 pounds of sun dryed tomatoes to each tomatoe plant and your plants
    will eat each other like your local familys board of directors. Mentor your
    tomatoe horn worns seeking blue jay to aim high by placing tags with the
    word high up high near high street works best!

  11. indeed he did forget. Very important to remove suckers.

  12. Wow, do I ever love your videos! I wish i had been a gardener, And i bet
    all other veggies and salads turn out as yummy as your tomatoes! Canada
    should be the garden of the world, everybody with a ‘once a week loving
    care’ to one patch. A better meeting place for people too..

  13. Great video, have you ever heard of rock dust?

  14. Hi Thanks very much for these tips. I am new to gardening , my first
    garden. Yay!!!!! With your awesome advice, I will get award winning
    tomatoes , hopefully next year! :) Can”t wait.

  15. I have followed your idea on soil prep since last fall with the cow manure.
    I added Kelp, Fish, Cottonseed and Bone Meal. Lobster Compost and Peat Moss
    ( offsetting alkaline soil )…..and I have the most MONSTEROUS crops I’ve
    ever had…at the end of June already….I have plants with 30 plus
    tomatoes already…squash the size of softballs. Just saying thanks…..and
    wow! Great advice on soil maintenance.

  16. I learned how to prevent blossom end rot but I’ve already planted my
    tomatoes. Can I add it to the weekly feed mix now that they are planted
    with the same results?

  17. excellent, great presentation and good information. Thanks

  18. hi junito1957, thanks for the kind words and thanks for the sub. We
    appreciate the support and will keep making videos. All the best!

  19. charles vereschagin Reply February 14, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    Thank you for the informative video. I can’t wait to get to planting my
    tomatoes. Its going to be such fun.

  20. Did it again. Please help.

  21. Love this! Chock full of tips and very articulate.

  22. @ CupRockTV hey you have any tips on how to grow weed in me nans green
    house ? !!

  23. Great video. You speak really well and are entertaining. I have an amazing
    tomato growing video on my channel. I actually had a really nice volunteer
    tomato plant grow out of a concrete wall! If you see it let me know what
    you think and how that may have happened?? Thanks, Bill

  24. Does anyone know that if you use eggs shells, do they have to be cooked in
    the oven first? I read someone it should be done to kill any bacteria? If
    so, what temp and how long please? Thanks so much.

  25. Is all poo manure? Or does the source make a difference? Don’t all these
    creatures have weird parasites?