Tour of My Urban Front Yard Winter Vegetable Garden

John from gives Jill, a viewer from Virginia a personal tour of the Growing Your Greens Front Yard Vegetable Garden. In this episode, you will learn about just some of the crops that are being grown in this front yard suburban raised bed vegetable garden. After watching this video you will hopefully be inspired to start growing your own food this year.
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25 Responses to “Tour of My Urban Front Yard Winter Vegetable Garden”

  1. flowersandlemons Reply March 21, 2012 at 2:26 am

    It would have been nice if she had taken off the sunglasses. It’s not nice to not be able to see the face.

  2. @baliston1000 He’s sharing what is obviously a passion for him, and he seems to be offering a lot of useful information and asking for nothing in return. He’s literally opening his home to the Internet.

  3. i think this is a great channel,i have learned alot and saved a bunch of money using what info i got from his instructions,keep up the great work and im not going to stop watching!

  4. Not only has John provided valuable information in teaching us how to grow our own healthy foods… but his passion and enthusiasm shines through in each of his videos, and THAT has inspired countless folks to start “growing their (your) own greens”.

  5. John, I love your videos and find them very helpfull. Thank you

  6. If you dont know what kind of plant you have, you can also put it into a ziplock bag and take it to your local nursery. More often then not, they are willing to help you identify a type of plant

  7. @BillCramond – Thanks! I hadn’t found it yet. It’s not easy to find.

  8. Hey John, I love your videos. I find them very informative and encouraging and it surprises me how much I have learned from them. I just wanted to thank you for the all your time and effort and look forward to learning a lot more in the coming months.

  9. Haha great video thx

  10. loved the tour thank you for sharing so much in your videos

  11. Thanks for your great videos John! I just thought I would post where I picked up Azomite rock dust for your OC Viewers (cost less than having it shipped by mail). Crop Production Services 3321 W. Castor, Santa Ana CA 92704 (Near Warner & Harbor). I purchased two 44lbs bags for less than $25 ea (Tax included). They have Mycorrhizae in 7.7lbs containers for just over $140 too (that was out of my price range). Let me know if there is a better place to post something like this.

  12. This is wonderful inspiration, thank you!

  13. great video John, thank you for all the inspiration that you give to us:)

  14. @growingyourgreens
    Hi how are you? I’m Helen and I live in Georgia. Just wanted you to know that I Stumbled across your vids yesterday and you’ve inspired me to have my first garden. I do have some-what of a green thumb. So let’s just see how that goes LOL.
    Anyway, I really do enjoy your vids. Your very educated on plants and I enjoy listening to you instruct us. You have a great strong voice and direct eye contact which makes you look like a great teacher. :) Well Have a nice weekend.- Helen

  15. hi John I love your videos. I have a question. I planted 4 brussel sprouts last year and we are still picking off of them. We just pick 2 pounds of them yesterday. My brussel sprouts are leaning now Should I pull it out of the ground and replant. I live where it gets cold in the winter. I notice today some new growth of new leaves.

  16. So nice you took time to walk her through your garden! Your like a celebrity in our house. When I watch your videos everyone in the room chimes in to say ,”This is John Kohler from growing your and we are here with another exciting episode.” and “Keep on Growing” All through this video I kept thinking, whose videos was she watching for 3 years? How do you not know about rock dust when you talk about it in about every video! And mychrorizea?! haha Waiting for those tree collards.

  17. What I love about John’s videos is seeing different species of edibles I might not have heard about and seeing John eat things from his own garden. When you are very new to gardening and have only eaten from the supermarket it is a bit daunting to pick unusual things (flowers for eg.) and eat them. Seeing John eat borage flowers gave me the confidence to try – and nowdays I even forage food (SAFELY) from the wild. We also have four large vege beds now and fruit trees thanks to growingyourgreens.

  18. @growingyourgreens I think you inspired at least 1000 people including myself.

  19. and as an after thought if you watch his vids then you know that it is important to him to mention things that you can “find anywhere” so that everyone can have access to them. Not much point in talking about products you have to sail the seven seas to find is there?

  20. yeah living better, eating right, growing organic to keep the earth clean and healthy… nothing special right? and we wonder why our planet is going to hell….

  21. @baliston1000
    Helping people become self sufficient and improve their lives & health is awesome. You are correct, growing greens is not difficult. You just need some knowledge & inspiration which John provides in abundance. Your comment is typical of a bitter, jealous person. Suggest you focus on helping mankind rather than criticizing those who making a positive contribution to society.

  22. is that my mom in your garden?????! lol
    thanks for taking time for her, she loves you so!

  23. Can’t wait until we can order tree collards from you; that’s exciting! Obviously, you can’t find them at Home Depot.

  24. @growingyourgreens Is there by any chance that you can do a video about harvesting herbs like a herb 101 video i have planted Sage, lemon thyme, rosemary,chives,oregano, basil, and im growing garlic which i learned how to grow by you so some help would be great!! Love you videos Don’t let the cranky people of the world get you down your just sharing what you have learned!! Thank you

  25. the yard is badass. keep it up John your enthusiasm is motivating. fuck those that think otherwise.