Tribal Seeds – Representing *FULL ALBUM* *NEW 2014*

Full video of the San Diego band’s brand new album. Tracklist: Representing (feat. Vaughn Benjam) 0:00 – 4:07 Rock The Night (feat. Maad T-Ray) 4:08 – 9:05 F…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Tribal Seeds – Representing *FULL ALBUM* *NEW 2014*”

  1. did this album come w/ crack, cuz i can’t stop listening to it!

  2. Damien Marley n tribal seeds need to make a album

  3. Look and listen very carefully. Every album has either 666 on it and or sun
    and moon worship. They tell you to worship rastafari. rastafari is not the
    return. Yahshua said “Many will come claiming the Christ is here or there.
    Do not believe them or go with them.” He also said he will return when he
    comes down from the sky with all saints and martyrs to destroy the 200
    million man army. Music is the tool of satan to cast a spell. Most of these
    rastas are mason. Salasie was not only a mason, he belonged to the highest
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  4. Great album and awesome album art. One love

  5. Representing (feat. Vaughn Benjam) 0:00 – 4:07
    Rock The Night (feat. Maad T-Ray) 4:08 – 9:05
    Fill It Up (feat. Gonzo and New Kingston) 9:06 – 12:55
    In Your Area (feat. Kyle McDonald) 12:56 – 17:22
    Moonlight 17:23 – 23:03
    Ruined 23:04 – 26:35
    Blood Clot (feat. Don Carlos) 26:36 – 31:10
    Undercover Lover (feat. Gonzo) 31:11 – 34:53
    Night & Day 34:54 – 39:05
    Herb Stock (feat. Mykal Rose) 39:06 – 43:08
    Don’t Wait 43:09 – 47:05
    Lonely Night 47:06 – 51:55

  6. Flores un mundo de colores Reply January 8, 2015 at 1:28 am

    la portada tiene su cosita jeje el agüita la curiosidad te pica… las
    palmeritas verdes… el lion egipcio allí al fondo…estuvo enrollao y los
    temitas muy molones que son; otra gama del regae que desconocia…..y los
    que aun me quedan pa ir tirando el dia….

  7. This whole album is so sick! I wish more people appreciated reggae

  8. Luis Antonio Vega Herrera Reply January 8, 2015 at 2:15 am

    Muy buena banda!, un reggae exquisito y sutil. Y una portada que hace gala
    del misticismo y nexo que existía entre las civilizaciones antiguas.
    Orgullo de México sus raíces y su cultura. Blessed carnalitos y

  9. Wonderful album :) 

  10. Amadeus Lucas Vieira Valente Reply January 8, 2015 at 3:53 am

    escutei do inicio ao fim, sem adiantar ou voltar 1 segundo. o melhor

  11. This album made me have a seizure and I was hospitalized last week….Or
    maybe it was the ganja mixed with the music lol

  12. How many TRUE hits on here…MAYBE 1 or 2 n im bein generous. The singer
    Steve treats his fans n fellow musicians like shit. He got a serious
    ego/attitude problem. He aint appreciative of any of u, jussayin. #beaware

  13. The founding fathers of america spoke equality speeches and wrote equality
    doctrines. They were all satanic masons. Do not be fooled by the same
    propaganda. It is not here to free you it is here to imprison you.

  14. queima babylonia

  15. Damn this music makes happy :) music to the next lvl . Respect TribalSeeds

  16. Open My Book Of Life

  17. Nice absolutely love the vibes great job big fan thank you one love Peace

  18. love it man en young me up yah tis blue from houston bruv

  19. Valentina Monsalve Reply January 8, 2015 at 7:55 am

    uf que buen reggea carajo!!!! jah blesss!!!!


  21. Going to see them tonight in Santa Ana California . Yeeeeah tonight will be
    a good night 

  22. Who knows exactly what does Vaughn says in his verse?!

  23. Beautiful Album! Definitely gotta get this.

  24. Tribal seeds = irie state of mind

  25. i love yopur music cali rhasta… come in phil,,