Trinidad Scorpion Chilli – The Hottest Chili Pepper in the World – Announcing the rocord !!

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25 Responses to “Trinidad Scorpion Chilli – The Hottest Chili Pepper in the World – Announcing the rocord !!”

  1. I did that same too: you can watch it in youtube: “Pedro syö Trinindad
    Scorpion Moruga – world’s hottest chili”

  2. WANTS -
    Trinidad Scorpion Chilli – The Hottest Chili pepper in the World

  3. Their arses must have been on fire

  4. @TheChilliFactory the average australian. like me.

  5. = rim sting

  6. touching ur balls after eating chilli is soooo painfull

  7. This makes you a man? Rub it on your penis and it will make you a woman.

  8. How the fuck is Rebecca Black related?

  9. donald duck is talking to me already

  10. @samgraves2 no im not your wrong . when i was younger i worked in a
    supermarket and we had a whole section of hot peppers that nobody could
    touch without gloves or a spoon bc the oils on th skin can still burn your
    eyes, And i know for a fact it still burns because i rubbed my eyes several
    time after handling cetain peppers and it burned like a mother fkker. So
    dont spread your retard shit when you dont know what the fkk your talking
    about. Peace!

  11. At the end of the video is that a dipping sauce next to the pepper?
    Hilarious!!! :)

  12. Some one tell me where I can get the whole plant. I am interested in buying
    a couple of them just to try this hot chili, dont feel like waiting for the
    seed to grow.

  13. who in their right mind would eat that for fun

  14. @gotohemp Because I would love to rub this pepper on her eyes.

  15. Any one else notice his lip ring?

  16. whats with the shit quality

  17. that y i live in trinidad

  18. @icallgreens

  19. Beautiful looking pepper

  20. we aussies can take a beating

  21. Alicorn Rainbow Dash Reply December 19, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    nope ¨chuck testa¨ just for ze lolz xD

  22. i cant eat hot cheetos either, they’re too spicy and everyone says they
    arent, wtf?! $5 million for me if i eat one of these

  23. sombody test trinidad’s ten pot peper , yuh can’t even hold that thing in
    your hand.