Two Week Raised Garden Project

After getting an early start at planting my garden, heavy rains then came and began eroding away my rows and flooding my pathways. At that point I decided to shore it all up with wood, thus making if a raised bed garden after already planting the crops.

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  1. Michael H Chermesino Reply December 28, 2012 at 12:12 am

    Your attention to detail and the efficiency of your garden seems fine. ACQ lumber is much better than what was formerly available. No treated lumber is acceptable in organic gardens because of the arsenic. Studies have shown that during the rainy season, and during watering, arsenic will leach out into your garden.  If you are using plastic, that will help, but why would you poison your yard and the earth when you could clearly have done better?

  2. As stated at the end of the video, the wood is lined with plastic. However, even if it wasn’t, I’m not too worried about it as arsenic has not been used to treat wood since about 2002. I used ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quartenary) treated lumber which penetrates deeply into and remains in the pressure-treated wood for an extremely long time. If it didn’t, it would be completely useless as an effective preservative for the wood. I’m far more concerned with the poisons in the commercial food chain.

  3. Michael H Chermesino Reply December 28, 2012 at 12:35 am

    Oh-gosh….Pressure treated wood and food?

  4. Thank you. I too, have been learning a lot from others here. Currently, I’m growing Red Robin tomatoes, green garlic, bunching onions, and lettuce for the first time under grow lights in my basement. So far, so good. I hope to be eating fresh tomatoes about January.

  5. nothing like watching your vegetables and fruits grow, even if you dont eat them all, they are good to share.. thanks for the video

  6. Greenthumb Patriot Reply December 28, 2012 at 1:51 am

    such a sweet video. i have been subbed for a year now and have learned so much from this channel!

  7. Thanks. I’m enjoying gardening far more now than I ever did before this project. Good luck with yours.

  8. Very nice and Neat garden, Will do mine over this coming spring.. Good work

  9. LOL – funny you should say that, I want chickens but there is a petty ordinance here that makes it illegal. Oddly enough, there are 18 horses next door though. But no chickens.

  10. Add couple chickens then you’re all set, nice garden!

  11. Wonderful.. can’t wait to see!

  12. Thanks. The property is not as big as it appears. I’m backed up against some open areas of land that are currently being used as farm land which is actually earmarked for future development. I’m on just a little bit over an acre.

  13. Thank you. I hope to make available an update video for the 2012 season in the next few weeks/months.

  14. How many acres of land do you owned? Your property looks very big and spacious. Your garden looks very professional.  It is well done. I’m very impressed. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and kisses from Laos.

  15. Beautiful area to garden. Wow!

  16. Thanks. I feel the same way, although I did start the season this year with a lettuce bed. However, I have since switched to container growing (long planters) for my lettuce as it is much easier to maintain and harvest.

  17. That looks great. I like the way you put small plants in between the maters. No sense in a lettuce bed if you ask me.

  18. I hope it works for you. Ironically, I went out to check my garden this morning and found a raccoon had walked on my newly planted radishes on an outside bed, then climbed the fence from that bed and proceeded to stomp on my lettuce. Then the critter sashayed to the back section of the enclosed garden and murdered five of my sweet corns while they were sleeping in their stalks. I’m currently working on a battle plan.

  19. You have given me idea on fencing my garden. Today, my chickens ate all of the leaves and flowers including baby watermelons from watermelon plants.. I was very upset but can’t yell at them coz they are chickens.. *duh*… Anyway, Thank you..

  20. Thank you very much.

  21. Thank you. You will do just great – especially with your climate in Southern Mexico. Good luck and have fun!

  22. very nice garden!

  23. Por mucho tiempo he planeado realizar algo similar. Ahora que he visto tu proyecto, estoy completamente seguro que es hora de empezar. Excelente trabajo. Saludos desde el Sureste de México.

  24. Isn’t NY on the East Coast? I am originally from NJ. That is also on the East Coast. It is kind of important to me. I miss all that wonderful land full of life. So green and the grass so soft. :o ( Anyhow, have a great night.

  25. Thank you. No, I’m in upstate NY, just south of Lake Ontario. However, I’m not sure that’s as important as appropriate fertilizer, regular watering, and morning bug picking – lol.