update #2 Make free DIY self watering grow bag for vegetable gardening

This is an update to my video on how to make and use a free DIY grow bag for growing vegetables .Make free DIY self watering grow bag for vegetable gardening…
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  1. eating home grown will spoil you though.
    it is hard to eat store tomatoes once you grew them, same with eating fresh caught shrimp, I used to net them off of the bridges and eat them the same night, which made it impossible to eat most other shrimp afterwards.

  2. FromUnderTheRock Reply July 27, 2013 at 2:32 am

    We’re not gonna be in a spot long enough to invest in plants in a garden anytime soon–or at least that’s the plan–I envision a nice herb garden somewhere in the future; it’s so nice just walking out the door and getting something to eat that you grew yourself

  3. thanks imstillworkin. it is fun to see what will grow in the small space and limited sun and the lazy tendencies of me the gardener. I am learning a lot from the plants and you guys too. Susan, if you get the time, check out a youtuber named Mugsyjeff, he and his wife Wilma are in Australia and he grows very interesting plants and cooks many dishes with home grown ingredients and is an experimenter like you.

  4. Your plants really look great. I bet you do an amazing job with a garden.

  5. Great job!.  Looks great.

  6. Art of ItalyPaul Carving Reply July 27, 2013 at 4:45 am

    Nice !

  7. Thanks Trace. I grew them a long time ago when i had a yard and got them to grow for a long time in the warm weather we have down here.. I am still experimenting with what can grow in the limited sun I have. I will be growing more parsley and swette potatos and ginger and have ordered some malabar spinach seeds. I had back luck with the onions, lettuce and even mustard.

  8. Thanks Joyce.

  9. That is a pretty good idea. I hope you get lots of produce and have a great time growing it.

  10. Your balcony garden is fantastic. You really did an excellent job and used your space well. My dad grows cherry tomatoes on his back porch and he had them through February. He lives in Georgia, so we thought the cold would get them, but he had a nice long run with them.

  11. Hi Robert, I was thinking about that when i started getting blossoms and I had about 6 tomatos so did not try to pollinate them myself, but I have seen no fruit form since those first few so may take your advice real soon.

  12. I grew cherry tomatoes indoors once. Got blossoms, but no fruit. ‘Cause there were no bees or other pollinators! I took a small artist’s paint brush and gently brushed from blossom to blossom and got lots of tomatoes!

  13. RedBerry at Homestead Hopes Reply July 27, 2013 at 7:50 am

    Your plants seem to be really growing!! Lots of blossoms on your tomato plants so I sure hope you can get some tomatoes even with the sun you do get. I have never eaten Sweet Potato Leaves but heading to check out your vid on that. Look forward to future vid updates. Take care.

  14. Hi Sheila,
    I am going to be planting more sweet potatos on a trellis to use the leaves, I also will be experimenting with the malabar spinach which loves the heat i will be gettiong on the balcony soon.
    Thanks for watching and good luck to you too.

  15. Wow! They really took off, and you have lots of flowers on those tomatoes too. I can’t wait to see how your sweet potatoes do. I’m going to do the same. It’s just now getting warm enough to plant anything here, so I hope to get them in real soon. Everything looks so beautiful. Congratulations!