Vegetable Container Garden Video Journal #3 4/27/2013 HD Zone 9a Cal & No Roots Tomato Grafting

What’s currently growing in our Backyard Garden – No Roots Tomato Grafting Experiment (Continued)
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  1. shadowofjuniperhill . Reply July 29, 2013 at 10:21 pm

    Most of my plants are just going in or not sprouted yet. I just posted a garden walk through but not much to see. Wish I had tomatoes already like you, I can’t wait to taste a good tomato, it has been a long time. Take care!

  2. I am actually trying to get a better idea on that. The first sign of roots (takes about 7 days). But at that point your transplant looks pretty sad droopy because its recovering. Might take another week before it perks up again. Hopefully i can do a video to answer some of those questions later on.

  3. I tried to send you a private message but, your settings wouldn’t let me.

  4. wow, you have so much growing! I’m jealous:) The grafting experiment is so cool…how long does it take to heal/seal together?

  5. Thanks Brad! We are always learning as we go.. :) half of the time I break most of the golden gardening rules when it comes to proper gardening. Can’t wait to see your garden this year Brad!

  6. Thank you Brandon! Tomatoes are always fun to grow. Good Luck with your garden. Will swing by to see your channel to see your garden in TX.

  7. Thanks! Happy Growing to you to.

  8. Very few gardens look half as good as yours.. incredible. I need to learn your methods.

  9. Brandon Marshall Reply July 30, 2013 at 2:15 am

    Wow looks great!, can’t wait for my tomatoes to start producing! from Dallas,TX

  10. Great looking spread you have there! Happy growing

  11. Thank you Sonoman

  12. I try to stay organic as humanly possible for a container gardener :) .There are times where i do have to break the rules if something drastic happens. But for the most part I do my best to stay as organic as possible.I use compost Tea as much as possible, I do make my own compost, I do use organic methods of spraying for preventive maintenance.As for rock dust minerals i haven’t used it as i don’t have much experience with it.I could try it out, with a side by side test with a control plant.

  13. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING! You are the KING of container gardening. The macro bins are working great. I went back to all your videos and I didn’t see the start of these bins. I can’t remember, do you use rock dust? Do you grow organic? Thank you for your precious time and all your knowledge. Smiles, Lark

  14. All your veggies look great! Nice job.

  15. Thank you Shadowofjuniperhill ! What’s happening in the garden?

  16. Thanks Rob! 

  17. Looking good :)

  18. shadowofjuniperhill . Reply July 30, 2013 at 8:54 am

    Everything looks great Sumi!

  19. Yes its from the FB page. I could not get close enough with the video.

  20. yup yup Ordered through Amazon but it was from some hydroponics garden store. If you want exact details let me know, i can look up the order details.

  21. Those clips are great. Amazon? I haven’t seen any locally.

  22. looking good I think I seen that bug in a picture on facebook saying HI :)

  23. Excellent! I noticed they were rather bright from the intensity of the sun. I know you’re eager to harden them off, but baby them a bit longer ;-)

  24. Will do Josh!

  25. Sumi, I would protect those Bhut seedlings with some shadecloth or a lattice….